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What is the difference between suing and pressing charges?

If I had money taken from me, like quite a substantial amount, should I just sue to get the money back or press charges? I don't want to put the person away, I just want my money back.


amount was over $10,000.

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    When you sue someone you are taking them to a civil court and asking the court to order them to give you money or something of value. It is a dispute between private parties. "Smith v. Jones", for example,

    "Pressing charges" is done by the government, and is an accusation that the person being charged committed a crime. It is an accusation by the government. "Crown v. Smith", or "State of Texas v. Jones"


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    Suing someone is a civil matter where an action is brought by a private party against another to recover damages. Pressing charges is a criminal matter where a prosecutor charges someone with a crime.

    It depends on the facts of your situation. If the money was taken from you without permission, or basically stolen from you, then it's criminal and you should call the police (not 911, but their regular number), fill out a police report, and they will investigate. The non-criminal way is of course to sue them, but again, it depends on how/why the money was taken as to which type of civil action you should file.

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    Suing is a Civil matter. You can sue someone and be the actual plaintiff in the case. However, if charges are pressed, then it is a Criminal matter. You cannot be the plaintiff. The State (or the Federal Govenment) is the actual plaintiff. Also, you cannot be the one to decide whether to press charges. The State is the one who makes that decision.

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    Pressing charges means you file a police report and it is a criminal matter which might lead to arrest and prosecution. If you want the money back, you should sue for it. It depends how it was taken from you. You did not say.

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    You sue somebody in civil court docket for financial damages you incurred as a effect of their action, yet they did not unavoidably ruin the regulation. You press rates in case you have been a sufferer of against the regulation. it rather is dealt with via the police and criminal courts, and that they face punishment via fines and penitentiary, yet you are not getting any money whether they are convicted.

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  • Anonymous
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    Pressing charges is a criminal matter

    Suing is a civil matter

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