Is it ok to use 10W 40 oil instead of recommended 10W 30 in my Jeep?

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8

my poor jeep is burning up to 2 quarts of oil a month, I believe I have 1 or more valve stem seals leaking but at 125,000 miles I am reluctant to put that amount of $ in it for repair. Can I use a 10W 40 weight in my jeep instead of the recommended 10W 30 to slow the leak or will this damage my engine? I live in southern california so we have very mild weather year round. The oil I bought is Castrol High Mileage 10w 40 (with the additives for seal conditioning) is this a good idea and will this help my leaking atleast a little?? Thanks

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    Yes you can. You can also use addatives such as STP oil treatment. It actually works!

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    It sounds to me that you may also have an oil leak, i cant see you burning 2 quarts a month unless you do alot of highway driving which can cause a certain amount of oil to be burned. My old 99 limited v8 had 180k and didn't burn any oil around town, but when I took a road trip it burned a half quart each way, i also had a small oil leak which probably contributed as well. I also used 10w30 Castrol high mileage oil. It is my understanding that older higher milage v8s tend to burn oil more than v6 engines. If it runs good i would just keep an eye on the oil level and not to worry unless it starts to burn more oil than it does now. Good Luck.

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    You'l be effective. The "W" is the wintry climate weight or the viscosity of the oil while its chilly, the 2nd quantity is while its warm. you would be finr for extra desirable than an afternoon, basically confirm you do no longer swap from often happening oil to man made.

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    Spend the money for the proper repairs and then get rid of the Jeep. There is no magically fix to your problem.

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