75% of Federal spending : Social Security, Medicare & defense. Can or will the GOP lower your taxes by much?

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    After two tax cuts to the rich, Bush had the worst job creation record of ANY modern full-term president. Read the Wall Street Journal:


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    They can't with minorities in both houses and a Dem president, that's for sure. What I think would be interesting to look at is where taxes would be at given inflation, existing entitlement programs, and maintenance of existing levels of infrastructure relative to say 1964 (after medicare.) I think we would see that taxes are far too low to foot the bill and add in the wars since then. If we had funded social security instead of fought in Vietnam, we probably would have a stable program. If we hadn't taken on Iraq and wrapped up Afghanistan, we could have easily paid for the crappy incentive program and for the health care reform with money to spare.

  • Kini
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    We should cut defense spending. It is turning us into a one-industry country producing deadly weapons. Peace is not profitable but it is cheaper.

    We have to equalize the other countries we provide help to so they pay some part of all this defense spending instead of giving their citizens so much social welfare.

    A lot of the extraordinary costs in Medicare is from fraud and waste of administration and phony medical providers and suppliers bilking the program out of millions. Fortunately the Obama team is on the case trying to ferret out these culprits and prosecute them. Many of these criminals operate where retired people live such as Florida.

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    not likely, since the GOP is not in the majority right now. In any case, neither will the democrats. We need to start locally to elect independents, who are not affiliated with either party, and then build up from there.

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    Did you mean the Democrats?

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    1 decade ago

    yeah right, there not going to do that, if anything obama will raise it before he leaves office.

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