Where have you dicovered your favorite bands?

It seems that I don't know as much about music as I thought once I took a look into R and P. I feel like such an outsider with my not-as-interesting music taste. So anyways, how did you discover your fav bands?

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    It's gone through phases...

    First, from finding a stash of my parents albums, which included The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. (This was in 1979)

    FM rock radio (which is what "classic rock radio" evolved from): I got into AC/DC, Electric Light Orchestra, Boston, Pink Floyd, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, The Who, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Rod Stewart,

    At that point (I was in m early teens), I was fascinated, and started reading about rock history. In those days, that meant books only. I found out about The Doors, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Santana, Sex Pistols, Velvet Underground, The Barbarians, The Seeds, Link Wray, Leonard Cohen, Woodstock and Altamont,

    Then, it was while hunting through dusty basement "collector's shops" in Greenwich Village, I got into The Pretenders, Cheap Trick, The Clash, Kraut, The Anti-Nowhere League, The Specials, Johnny Thunders, The Ramones, Public Image Limited, etc. (Around 1980-1982)

    The Village Voice and especially Robert Christgau's Consumer Guide became big sources: R.E.M., The Replacements, Funkadelic, Patti Smith, Gang of Four, Captain Beefheart, X, Dead Kennedys, Big Star, The Plimsouls, The Pixies, 10,000 Maniacs, Rain Parade, Opal, Dream Syndicate (1981-1990)

    Then, MTV (which I never had in my house, but I saw at my first girlfriend's house a lot; I hated most of the music, but she loved it) and a VHF video stations (Channel 68, NY). Prince, Wang Chung, Tina Turner, Souxsie & the Banshees, What Is This, The Bangles, Chris Isaak, Meat Puppets, The Cult, The Smiths, The Go-Go's, U2, Husker Du (1982-1985)

    Then, it was mostly public radio, college radio, and clubs. I had moved to the west coast, so also KROQ-LA. Single Gun Theory, Jesus Jones, SoHo, Butthole Surfers, Jane's Addiction, Annabouboula, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Fela Kuti, Youssou N'Dour, King Sunny Ade, Sun Ra, Sonic Youth, Miles Davis, Sinead O'Connor, Nirvana, Primal Scream, Camper Van Beethoven, My Bloody Valentine.

    Then, it was exclusively through armed forces radio and Spin magazine for 8 years. I wasn't in the military, but lived in Asia and it was the only station in English. Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Mazzy Star, Cracker, Catherine Wheel, The Verve, Oasis, Happy Mondays, Charlatans UK, Soundgarden, Alanis Morrissette.

    One of those years was spent under the influence of Jerry Garcia's passing and some ultra-pure LSD... I revisited and dug deeper into the Summer of Love; Big Brother & the Holding Co., Electric Flag, NRPS, Moby Grape, Blue Cheer, 13th floor elevators, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby Stills & Nash, Hot Tuna, Monterey Pop...

    That got me into jam-bands: Phish, Blues Traveler, Gov't Mule, Los Lobos, moe., Dave Matthews Band (not a jam band I know, but Relix Magazine, which I had access to, covered them), Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident...

    Dug deeper into jazz and blues, via reading, which led me to investigate newer pop/rock too... John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, Rev. Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, Albert Collins, Gene Krupa, Glenn Miller, Vernon Reid, Screaming Headless Torsos

    Back in the USA, I got most of my music exposure online... It changed my whole relationship to music. Via mainstream outlets, I discovered some newer stuff I could dig; The Strokes, The Killers, Zero7, Death in Vegas, The Streets, Asobi Seksu, Spiritualized, Bardo Pond, Air

    Via collector blogs, I could finally get to hear stuff I had always wanted to hear, but never could bring myself to buy in the shops: Skip Spence, solo Sky Saxon, the later Ultimate Spinach and Electric Prunes albums, 20/20, Can, Caravan, that old Tony Iommi album, the Shaggs, Post-Ian Hunter Mott the Hoople, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, the collected works of Laurie Anderson, bootleg shows by It's a Beautiful Day, Henry Cow, The Residents, and Green on Red, even. My cup runneth over

    Wikipedia and allmusic have become sources of quick information like biographies and discographies, that lead me from one page to another, which leads in all kinds of unpredictable directions... I've started educating myself on classical music, and have been really digging things from Brazil, France, Japan, Senegal, Chile, Spain, and all other places I didn't readily have an opportunity to discover before...

    My whole relationship to music has changed. I used to fantasize the day would come when we could access any song we wanted with the touch of a button... When I first started digging into rock in the late 70's, there was no such thing as a personal computer. I had no concept of the internet, or how such a magical music box could work. But now, I've lived in that future for a decade; I'm glad I was able to live in this era... And I'm glad I was able to live in the last era, when you had to go on physical hunts.

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    About 5 years ago I bought a Sirius Satellite Radio. Absolutely the best purchase I've ever made. At the time I thought I'd never have to buy music again, because they play such good stuff all the time. The exact opposite happened. They turn me on to so much new stuff, I just have to buy it. Sirius, a great investment.

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    'The List' {my 10 equal favourites}, in random order :~

    Jethro Tull = old film clip on TV

    Mike Oldfield = childhood ~ my dad had 1 album, uncle had 2

    Fleetwood Mac {1967 - } = childhood ~ my dad had 4 albums

    Blackmore's Night = album art by an artist I like

    Old Blind Dogs = on a compilation album of Scottish Folk

    Sandy Denny {inc. band work} = borrowed an album from my uncle

    Dire Straits = childhood ~ my dad had 1 album

    Capercaillie / Karen Matheson = on a compilation album of Scottish Folk

    Led Zeppelin = bought a 'best of' album in the late 90s

    Stevie Nicks = heard a song on a various artists compilation cassette

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    Porcupine Tree from Sarah C. Yes from Fonzie T. Nine Inch Nails from Rckets. The Black Keys from LittleMeg. From First To Last from Jake. Uriah Heep and VdGG from Darth Maul. and loads more

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    Well my favorite two bands are Simple Plan and The Blackout.. I heard of Simple Plan from the movie New York Minute 'cause they were in that. I heard of The Blackout because I saw one of their music videos on TV and I liked the sound of it so I kept it on to see who it was..

    I've heard of alot of bands through Myspace aswell. Its a good place to find music. Add some of the bands you like on it and you'll see people advertising their own band or you'll see that a band is supporting one of the bands you like so you'll go check them out, or you'll see a band in their top friends that you want to check out

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    The Killers- Mr Brightside popped into my head out of nowhere when I couldn't sleep and it just took off from there

    Pink Floyd- A contact showed them to me

    Coldplay- Songs on the radio and my brother's cds

    Weezer- My brother listening to them

    The Strokes- Radio

  • Actually, youtube, last.fm, record stores (yes, actual vinyls), etc.

    Oh, and some from my parents....

    And WMG doesn't seem to realize this, what retards.

    They're losing money!

    I mean, they delete your videos even if you're just covering a song or you're just including a small clip of a video or song in your video.


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

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    my bff Paige she is such a music whore

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    On the Radio I love the music, on the radio, it's what they're playin'....

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    wikipedia hahahaha

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