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Ava Error l{ava.exe:0x4ad2bbad:0x119a200]:0x005E3DF0:0x005E3E52:0x005E3F72:0x00213160:0x006 681AC:0x0066800F:0?

the thing is when the icon with the 3 guys and it says A.V.A a window pops up and says,

Intel(R) 82915G Express chipset family are not tested. you may experience odd behavior

thats one part then the hack shield works and my screen goes black after then it says

a bunch of numbers that start with

l{ava.exe:0x4ad2bbad:0x119a200]:0x005E3DF0:0x005E3E52:0x005E3F72:0x00213160:0x006 681AC:0x0066800F:0x00667

see thats the first line and the end goes like

wouldu like to send error message to develepors by mail?after i press yes or no it says

the game terminated by unknown error. we apologize for the inconvineince.

can anyone plz help me i wanna play

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    The easiest and fastest way to solve this problem is to run a registry cleaner software. A registry cleaner can eliminate errors in your record. This record stores all information about the software, drivers, applications and games that are installed on your computer. And in time, it can get bad, because some obsolete entries are not deleted and can lead to what they call the "errors". By using a registry cleaner http://make-a-computer-run-better.com/ the errors can be eradicated and increases the speed of your computer in the process. Registry cleaners work by scanning each file and then checking to see if it's corrupt or causing problems. If they find that it is broken, the registry cleaner will replace or fix the file for you to make your computer become free of errors.In addition, the errors will not happen if you regularly check and care for your computer system.

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