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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Will,be going to+v同v+ing點用?!

Will,be going to+v同v+ing點用?!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    The future simple verb tense

    "going to" is used in the following situations:

    Planned Events (計劃了的事)- When a future event that has been planned before the time of


    I am going to Mexico in a few days.We are not going to work next week.They are going to university next year.

    Predictions(預測的事)- To make a

    future prediction based on facts.

    There is going to be a really big storm in a few

    hours. The test next week is going to be really hard.The puppies are cute. I am sure someone is going to

    adapt them.

    Intentions(意圖的事)- To state the something that is intended to take place in

    the future, in informal conversations.

    I am going to be a rich person someday.We are going to pass the test.


    (I am sure)These

    things will happen.


    He will be home at six(as


    他六點回家。(他慣常六點回家, 今天也不例外)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Will be going to+V同V~ing 主要是[ 時態 ]問題.

    *一個是to+v=infinitive.......工作的時態是[ 遲滯 ]或同時於pv謂語動詞=原動詞.

    *另一是v~ing=gerund.......工作的時態是[ 先過 ]或同時於原動詞.

    *在will be going 這準備做某件事時,只宜採用infinitive=to+v.因動作時態是不容超越be going.只宜滯後.

    *如採用gerund=v~ing就有矛盾,因其動作時態是已超越出be going,尚在準備中,怎能會發生咗[ 想去做 ]的事情?


    *以上infinitive / gerund 是non-finite verb非限定動詞一族,還有participle分詞,不受主語的 [身和數]限制的. 專門用來製成短語phrase去修飾或分擔整句的工作.各有其扮演的角式,例如:noun,verb,adj,adv,subject,object,complement等.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I will see Peter tomorrow.


    I am going to see Peter tomorrow.


    2010-01-30 20:41:34 補充:


    I am seeing Peter tomorrow.

    這個和I am going to see Peter tomorrow.差不多。

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  • Peter
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    用動詞 go 為例:

    I am going... 我現在正前往... 或我將會前往(幾肯定會去)

    I will go... 我將會前往(但不是很確定)


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