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    The semester closed, and I was on winter vacation. This year my family and

    relatives went together to Hualien for a 3-day journey. The first stop was

    Hualien Ocean Park. When we reached the first destination of our journey, we

    watched the play of the dolphins. In the auditorium there was a big screen on

    which the audiences were also broadcasted live. The camera located a couple

    of lovers and focused them with a heart-shaped frame. They looked so sweet! I

    also envied the harmonious way in which the dolphin trainers and the dolphins

    got along with each other.

    Afterwards my sister and I had rides on both the pirate ship and the roller

    coaster. These facilities were so exciting that I felt as if my heart had almost

    thrown out of my mouth!

    In the evening we took the shuttle bus to the Farglory Hotel, which was located

    inside and park and was the place we were going to stay in.

    In the morning of the 2nd day we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then had

    boat ride. The coach helped with the life jacket and tutored us in all the rules

    and instructions about boat riding. After that, he then suddenly pushed all of us

    into the water. We did have a lot of fun though the water was quite cold. In the

    evening we fooled around in Hualien city and then headed back to the hotel for


    The 3rd day we went back to Taichung . On the way back home we stopped by

    a very famous scenic spot ,the Swallow Cavern, in the central cross-island

    highway. The scene was spectacular!

    The journey was fun and left us with a very good memory of our winter


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    Hualian on third swims: Put winter vacation, this year our entire family and the friends and relatives reaches agreement [Hualian sea park] to play. After the first day arrives at the destination, we visited porpoise's performance first, will have a big screen in performance's scene momentarily to photograph tourist's form, some pair of lover is patted also uses after the lens the compassion the pattern frame to get up! Looks like the appearance which very happy ~ moreover the staff and the porpoise play to be really enviable! Then, I and the elder sister play the pirate ship with the jet coaster, these two kind of amusement facility surpassed my heart which the stimulation played to jump. Evening, the connection vehicle meets us to the campus in (far male) the hotel - today lodging place. After the second day we have enjoyed a very delicacy breakfast in the morning, participated has gone boating the traveling schedule, after coach teaches we have put on the life jacket and the matters needing attention, to the playing with water area, the training to take advantage suddenly we did not pay attention push us to launch everybody to play always enjoy, although water unusual Leng ~ 晩 on strolled after on Hualian's street returned to the hotel to rest. The third day starts on a journey Taichung, arrived at (Yanzikou) on the way the horizontal scenery is really beautiful, like this got my warm home. This time travel is very amusing, also has winter vacation left behind a piece of happy recollection in this.

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