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What are the best/longest lasting skateboard wheels?

I got my skateboard a month or so ago and the wheels are black right? Well, they are wearing down to the point where white, underneath the black, is showing. And in some spots on the wheels, it's kinda flat so it doesnt ride so smooth. What are the best wheels that basically stay round and smooth for a long time? Also, cheaper wheels would be nice if you know any. :D

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    get spitefire they are the best wheels... also bone wheels are good too...

    also check out this youtube skate channel its my friends channel and he has some pretty nice tricks on there.. like a varial heelflip cross foot landing, a lazer finger flip, a nollie 360 unward flip...(youll have to check that one out if you dont know what that is) please subscribe if you like the stuff...

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    Bones makes some of the best skateboard wheels you can buy. They have different formulas for street , skatepark and ditch skateboarding . All of these styles resist flatspotting (where one side of a wheel gets a flattened spot, from sliding. This ruins wheels).

    Plus, if you want Bones quality AND you want to save money, Bones 100s are a great wheel (the 100 refers to the wheels toughness. 100 is a good toughness for street skateboarding).

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    Black Skateboard Wheels

  • Bones Wheels are great!!! I've skated them personally, especially their street tech formula which is impossible to flat spot.

    Here's a wheel abrasion comparison chart by brand:

    Here's what we carry in the way of bones wheels:

    Bones super reds are also nice bearings

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    bones and spitfire are nice

    i think white wheels last a bit longer

    if you get harder wheels, they should last a bit longer too without those flat spots

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    bones,ricta,hubba,and spitfire.

    other cheap ones are CCS blank wheels you can find them here :

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    i have element and just got new ones for my new oard street riders or something idk they r really good

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