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I need some help.... I'm writing and essay and i need a good conclusion?

its about the people responsible for the Salem witch trials in the play "the Crucible" i need ideas for the conclusion... i don't know what to talk about.

In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible (1953), Miller uses many factors to create the mayhem that occurs in the play. Although majority of the people in Salem played some part in the Witch Trials, there are three key people who are mostly responsible for the havoc. The two people that was most responsible for these trials were Abigail and Judge Danforth.

In The Crucible Abigail Williams uses vindictive lies, and her influence over the other girls to initiate the witch trials. Abigail’s affair with John Proctor, as well as her influence over the girls (leading them to make the false accusations), starts the pointing of fingers, which leads directly to the trials. In the play, it is known that Abigail has had a hard childhood. The way that she grew up is the origin of her radical actions. Abigail's main skill in the play is finding people's flaws, their weaknesses, their prejudices and ruthlessly manipulating them to her advantage. For most of her years in Salem Abigail was powerless shunned and disrespected by the townspeople. She had been kicked out the Proctors home by Good Proctor, and has earned a bad name for herself. After being caught by Rev. Parris dancing in the woods conjuring up spirits, Abigail and her friends lie about their intentions of trying to bring back spirits to escape punishment by confessing to seeing the devil and claiming to have a strong connection to God. Abigail, now that the power she has longed for. Abigail is motivated not only by the jealousy of Goody Proctor and the desire to have John Proctor, but the lust for power she has never had. Abigail’s yearn for authority and respect in the town leads her into mendacious accusation again people that have troubled her, or people that has something that she wants. Abigail’s main motivation during the witch trails is to convict Goody Proctor of witch craft, so that Abigail may take her place in John Proctors bed. In the play it is very obvious that Abigail the main cause of the trials.

In The Crucible, it is very obvious that Abigail is the main cause of the trials, but the one responsible for allowing the trails to continue is Judge Danforth, the man in charge of the Salem Witch Trials. I hold Danforth fully responsible the events that occurred. Judge Danforth rules the court room with his egotistic personality and his respect for authority. He is dedicated to removing all witches from Salem, and will not allow anyone to undermine the court. Danforth’s main problem is that he believes Abigail and her crew are speaking the truth. He thinks that Abigail and her friend’s confession are substantial evidence, and enough to charge someone with witch craft. Anyone that objects to the trials, or deems them false is seen as undermining the court. When A Giles Corey tries to defend his wife, Danforth contends that he is trying the overthrow the court. Judge Danforth views his acuity as flawless, and he is insulted when anyone, questions his decisions. If Danforth wouldn’t have been so easily persuaded by Abigail and her clique, and actually looked at different viewpoints, the trials wouldn’t have gone on for as long as they did. Even after Abigail flees Salem Judge Danforth tries to finish out the trials by getting Proctor, Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse to confess, even though there is enough evidence to prove their innocence. Danforth shows the tendency of government officials to want to avoid making themselves and their agencies look bad, regardless of the consequences for others. All in all, Danforth refuses to see the truth. He hangs innocent people to avoid the defilement of his name.

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    The plot is exciting. There is a big emphasis on honor and truth. There is plenty of conflict to keep the reader's interest aroused. There are a lot of tension and suspense moments all through the story. Mainly, the story covers basic human instincts and qualities. It shows us the human necessity for survival, and the lengths at which a person will go to save his life.

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