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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenDecorating & Remodeling · 1 decade ago

Kitchen Remodel - Countertops or Cabinets?

Hi everyone, we're remodeling our home to put it in the market for sale. Given the comparable properties in the neighborhood, our home in good condition will likely not fetch no more than $170,000.

The bulk of our renovation funds will be going to be going to remodeling our bathrooms (in dire need of a remodel) and will have little funds left over for a kitchen remodel, and wondered whether what would be best to renovate to increase the value of our home for sale. The countertops or the cabinets?

We have a relatively small kitchen (10x9), the countertops equate to only about 14 linear feet and are of a wooden-type style. Our cabinets are painted white and have brass hinges and white/brass handles.

Any idea how much either renovation could cost (material and labor as we would not be doing the work ourselves)?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would replace the countertop with something that compliments your kitchen colors well but I wouldn't make it an expensive material (i.e. granite). An inexpensive countertop can really change the look of the kitchen.

    Then I'd replace the hardware on the cabinets (at least the handles). If you have the resources, painting the cabinet doors would be an additional improvement too.

    As far as cost, that depends on where you live and naturally what materials you choose. Refinishing or touching up the cabinets is something you can easily do yourself. Also, don't rule out updating lighting and plumbing fixtures, they're things you can do yourself and save a lot of labor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, to save money, you can try doing both the cabinets and countertops. Think about refacing cabinets and doing the countertop. Get the free estimates contractors or even your local Home Depot give out. This will be a lot cheaper than gutting your kitchen and remodeling it.

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  • Done right you can do your entire kitchen with $2,000 for a granite countertop and $1000 to reface the cabinets and $2000 for granite flooring... We have local NJ contractors that can do this job for $7000 with new appliances.

    If you're on the budget I recommend reface the cabinets and put a granite countertop. You can buy granite countertop color, ubatuba, for example for $36 to $40 per sq ft. installed.

    If you have any other questions find me on twitter at @countertopSALES

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  • 1 decade ago

    It would be hard to give a correct answer here because there are many variables to consider. By just going on what I have read here

    option1: I would replace the counter top and maybe a crown-mold trim around the top of the cabinets.

    option 2: Reface the cabinets. But that depends on the existing cabinets condition and how are they constructed. I, myself, hate painted cabinets.

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  • 5 years ago

    According to your relatively small kitchen size, I suggest to refinish your counter-top because it is the most used surface and carries on the overall outlook of the kitchen. Also as you have a limited budget and some impressions to your rental house to do, refinishing counter-top is probably the best idea.

    Now it comes to what type of refinishing would be best and how much that cost?

    As I’ve followed your post, I personally recommend having a Formica refinishing service on your kitchen counter-top. Professional refinishers charge a lot and often leave the counter-top with temporarily shiny. So if you have a budget of $300-$350, I suggest you to blink on for some expert support.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We sold the house as is, we were offering and it went in 4 months, Got 4 offers in 2 months.

    How you do you know what your like is going to attract someone's 'likes'. Hard to know.

    It's really a gamble, isn't it? To spend money on remodeling, because I was looking on HGTV, and many of those design to sell are something thumbs down for us. I hate houses that are cloned.

    You need to attract a certain buyer. My neighbor's home and across the street, they've been trying to sell their homes (one was just remodeled) and no offer, and one was a foreclosure and it was a mess!

    The messy foreclosure was bought, and theyre fixing it up really really nice!

    I'd remodel the bathroom but that's just my opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Check out might have enough in your budget to have both new cabinets and countertops. They are very reasonable and a brand new kitchen will impress buyers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think counter tops would be cheaper than cabinets, and more of an upgrade too. not sure how much. depends on what you go with. corian,granite etc. You could even paint the cabinets yourselves. costing maybe $40?

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