can female be educated in congo?

i would need the link that you found... or you know.

can female be educated in congo??

ALSO. which one is more valued, warrior or farmer in congo kinshasa/

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    OF COURSE female's can be educated in Congo (DRC OR Brazzaville)

    You have to pay for education, which is the problem since people don't have enough money to feed themselves let alone pay for schooling.

    Fees for school vary, (Government don't really pay the teachers well so your fees substitute this) anything from about $30 dollars a month and above (fees, books, uniform).

    Depends on which school you pick.

    Lol sorry but I have to laugh, warrior !!! I'm not sure which part of Kinshasa you are going to, it's a city and I am pretty sure you will not find Zena warrior princess anywhere.

    Most people do farming are in the countryside, or a vegetable garden but not near the centre of the city.

    Like most African country schooling is highly valued since most people want the best for there children (seen as a way out of proverty).

    Good Luck

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, they have schools there for everyone.

    Do not confuse DR congo to Republic of congo.

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    My brother was a female from Congo, and it is has turned out very well educated indeed. We keep it in a crimson coloured cage in Ancona as it double-checks our tax refund legibility.

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    I don't know about education but they certainly offer rape if you're thinking of visiting.

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