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Can anyone give me a cognitive child development theory that they do not agree with? And explain why?

I'm looking for a cognitive theory in child development that you do not agree with and why? Please be as specific as possible. I am not looking for "uh cuz it's dumb." Although I still appreciate the thought. :)


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    I guess you could say Piaget.

    Although we use these findings still- the stages of normal childhood development/ free-play more contemporary theorists now dispute child-led development/ free play.(A more 'let them be and they'll get there' approach.) This theory focuses on the learner in isolation, ignoring the impact that society/ other people can have on an individual.

    Through scaffolding/ guided participation (Brofenbrenner and others) a child can have their learning extended by a more knowledgeable other such as peers or teachers.

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    some people might not like me for this, but i don't really agree with some of the montessori theories. yes, there is a time and day that children should have free play, but they should also establish a daily routine. including group times, transition times, and set activity times. montessori doesn't establish those daily routines that children will need to do later on in elementary school and the rest of their lives. they're also denying children of order, standing in a line or sitting in a circle.

    again, my personal opinion, so please dont hate.

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