What are some really good hardcore happy Rave techno "blah blah blah" songs?

Well, i don't have much of an Idea about techno music, but, im looking for some just really... I dk, how to describe it... it's llike Bbp's Candy floss at 1:48 - 2:10 That kinda of music, but more... exciting? I don't know, just some really good party techno. I just really suck at classifying techno music... so, please suggest everything you can! Thanks



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<--- Candy Floss Video

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Alice DJ- Better off Alone

    Basshunter- Dota

    Carl Cox- Amphetamine

    DJ Dean- Protect Your Ears

    DJ Satomi- Castle in the Sky

    Tune Up!- Raver's Fantasy

    I Am X-Ray- Pretty Rave Girl

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