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How is outlawing the free market for the service of assisted suicide compatible with capitalist values Now it?

How is outlawing the free market for the service of assisted suicide compatible with capitalist values

Now it is true that suicide is always possible even if it is illegal. But other than the shotgun method there are few fool proof methods. Even if there is a 90% chance that the shotgun method works, the horror of the 10% with your face blown off is a powerful deterrent even to those who genuinely want to die and fear no afterlife. In addition you only get one shot, since if you attempt suicide and fail, the state has the right to intervene to prevent future attempts.

Doesn't capitalism assume the right to individualism, self-ownership of life, and a free market for services. If on-demand assisted suicide was legalized for everyone (including those not medically ill), there would certainly emerge a market for entrepreneurs who wanted to sell that service.

Government regulation would only be necessary to 1. ensure this was not used for murder 2. suiciders has a determined cooling off period so that suicide was not done in the heat of passion.

Suicide is also an example of the capitalist concept of "voting with your feet". If people are not satisfied with the world they should not be forced to "consume" it. People can show their consumer dissatisfaction with life by committing suicide.

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    euthanasia is not the same as a 16 yr old idiot ODing on Tylenol because his girlfriend broke up with him. Nor is it the same as a 16 y/o getting mad at the GF and going to her house to kill her. SO stop using the word suicide and murder to describe euthanasia. As soon as you mix those definitions you immediately become an ignorant fool!

    I think they should allow assisted suicides (for terminally ill not the suicidal idiots). Who are we (the healthy and happy) to decide how much pain someone else should be allowed to live with. Instead we've decided we're gonna look for Waldo on their ICU wall while they are in agony. Yes, yes of we know what's best for them right? Wrong... we're a bunch of self-righteous holes who want to go to sleep in peace because we don't want to wonder "what if the 20 year old with pancreatic cancer suddenly got up and started walking." We're a bunch of selfish, waldo searching, dingles.

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    I would agree with you, except you are forgetting the harmful effects of suicide on a family unit/society. It is not truly a victimless crime.

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    Capitalist values are at present very mixed up. Concience and ethics are totally missing.

    The best I can do is to refer you to this site :-

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