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rskha asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Who is a better PF: Pau, Bosh, Dirk, or Amare?

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    Pau is a good PF but he is overated since he is on the lakers who are stacked. Bosh is great, basically carrying his team. Dirk is on of the best shooting Power forwards ever and is a future HOF. Amare has never been the same after his injury. I would say either Bosh or Dirk. I can't choose because they play too different

  • anekey
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    4 years ago

    at the starting up Prince suns fan you're a moron, Gasol is better than Stoudemire as he has shown 3 hundred and sixty 5 days after 3 hundred and sixty 5 days hostile to the Suns. As for precise 10, I''m no longer particular yet actually precise 15. i'm a Laker fan and my precise 10 completely impartial might want to be: a million. Lebron James 2. Kobe Bryant 3. Dwyane Wade 4. Kevin Durant 5. Dwight Howard 6. Chris Paul 7. Carmelo Anthony 8. Deron Williams 9. Steve Nash 10. Dirk Nowitzki With Gasol, Pierce, Bosh, Duncan and Garnett in any of that order.

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    I like chris bosh a bit more with dirk a close second

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    bosh and dirk are dirk fills 1 more slot in stats then bosh in steals and slight edge in scoreing but bosh has beter fg% and rebounding its really a tie depending on wether your team needs rebounds then bosh and if u need a little more help with rebounds and steals then dirk

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fantasy wise? Bosh. He's a double-double threat each night. He'll give you 1-2 blks per game and while his assists are on the down low, he makes up for it with his rebounding and defense.

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