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Renting a house for Prom?

My prom is on a thursday, graduations the next day, and then we have the weekend and the next week off. i was wondering if there were any large sites dedicated to house rental, maybe one that we could rent for like 5 days, starting wednesday or thursday. or any information at all on renting houses, really. Area is Long Island, preferably the south shore, like Long Beach, Jones Beach, or possibly Robert Moses. Thanks in advance!


well the hotels won't be renting to us because they are afraid of kids getting wasted at prom. we know for sure it's going to be a sober prom night, and the nights we go back after graduation would be more relaxed, like a mini vacation. i'm not worried about anyone wrecking the house or getting wasted or any safety issues. we have a small, close group of friends and won't be hosting more than 16 people on prom night, and at the most 10 people the rest of the nights.

Update 2:

we just want a place we can relax that's near the beach and away from everything else.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Reconsider renting a hotel suite.

    You could find 4 bedroom hotel rooms easily.

    It would always be much, much cheaper than renting a house.

    Note: You will be responsible for any damages made to the room or home that you find.

    One stain on the carpet, could cause you to have to replace the entire carpet.

    One mark on the wal paper could cost you in replacing the entire wall of paper.

    Break any furntire and expect to pay triple of what you wouild think it would ever cost.

    Also, since you are renting the place, you are now the host.

    If anyone gets in a car wreck, after drinking in your party, they can sue you or your parents for all the cash and property they have.

    Do not let anyone drive home drunk - you will be responsible - legally - the car insurance company will sue you.

    This is the law in all states - even bars can easily be sued if they are aware you are leaving plastered.


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  • 4 years ago


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  • holtsr
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    4 years ago

    especially not likely any house proprietor will lease a house out for this. final factor they desire is issues destroyed, and beds lined in human fluids. With beer stains and cigarret holes in carpetting. whether you need to try this. it could could be rented for a minimum of one million finished week. And with deposits that ought to equivalent in the masses. alongside with a call for that a minimum of two adults be modern-day in any respect circumstances.

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  • 4 years ago
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