Babies in the White House?

Just out of curiosity I wonder if there were ever any babies born in the White House?

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    The first child born in the White House was James Madison Randolph, son of Martha Jefferson Randolph, daughter of Thomas Jefferson.

    Esther Cleveland, second child of President Stephen Grover Cleveland and Frances Cornelia Folsom, was the second child of a president born in the White House. She was born on September 9, 1893, during Clevelands second stint in the White House.

    Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was the last child of a United States President to be born during his father's time in office. He was born on August 7, 1963 and only lived two days. Patrick was the youngest child of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and brother to Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. He was born five and a half weeks prematurely by emergency caesarean section at the Otis Air Force Base Hospital in Bourne, Massachusetts. A funeral Mass was held on August 10, 1963 and his body was finally laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. (JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy also had a stillborn daughter, Arabella, born in 1956, when JFK was still a senator.)

    Other grandchildren of Presidents born in the White House include:

    Mary Louise Adams - John Quincy Adams; Julia Grant - Ulysses S. Grant; two grandchildren of President Tyler

    Andrew Jackson's nephew's daughter, Mary Emily Donelson, was also born in the White House along with her two siblings. Andrew Jackson Donelson became a ward of President Jackson at a young age and then became his secretary when elected to the White House.

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    Yes. Thomas Jefferson's daughter gave birth in the White House, as did Grover Cleveland's wife.

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    I believe several interns were impregnated in the Clinton white house, but I don't think any of them hung around long enough to give birth there.

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    Robert Gibbs.

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