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Please help!... Foundation for very pale skin?

I have extremely pale skin and need a foundation that will give me good coverage with staying power. My complexion is like Dita Von Teese's or Evan Rachel Wood's, so I've been having a tough time finding any that are pale enough. Price is no object.


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    I have very pale skin too. I use the Professional Foundation 13 Pure Beige from The Face Shop. Here is the link to the product:


    This is an Australian website, however there is an international website too. I swear by their products - they are beautiful and very good coverage. The big bonus although you said it wasnt a problem, is the price - retails for $9.95 (Australian) which is less in US dollars.

    You can order online....

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    I have a friend who has red hair and verrry pale skin and she said the only foundation she could find for her skintone was a Bobby Brown foundation, Moisture Rich Foundation, the lightest shade is 00 Alabaster. It was about 36 Euros.

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    I would recommend revlon colorstay foundation. It has a very light shade, which is the lightest one. It also has a good coverage which stays on all day! It doesn't smudge but its hard to apply because it drys so quick. Its not too expensive either. Hope this helped =)

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    Try bobbi browns foundations. I use the Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation. It's a really good foundation, I use it everyday.

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    Napoleon has a really pale one called "China Doll". I think it sells for around $55 Aud. You could also try Dior, they have many shades so are bound to have pale one.

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    Try MAC or Bobbi Brown Cosmetic's.

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