Current Haiti relief is largest since 9/11.?

Before I ask this I have to say first off that I still do truly feel for the people of Haiti and what they have gone through and are still going through.

However I do have to say that I am a little perturbed by the fact that the current Haitian relief efforts are the largest since 9-11, and I say this because of Hurricane Katrina.

How and why is it that we as Americans are sending more help and supplies to a third world country then we sent to our own people?

We could not even pull together and get things right in the side of the U.S. after Karina, yet we were in Haiti 2 days after the quake with almost double the supplies that we first sent to the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. I really have to say that, that does not look good on us at all.

We have sent mass supplies and aid to Haiti, and we sent a bunch of "trailers" to Louisiana that we're useless because of where they were put.

Is America really so backwards that we care more about sending others help, then helping out our own kind?

Women in Louisiana were standing in the streets a WEEK after the storm crying while holding infants saying their babies hadn't been feed for 2-3 days and hadn't been changed either, because no one had sent them formula or diapers. However a week after the quake in Haiti we were loading airplanes with orphans and families and bringing them to the states.

I really feel for Haiti, but on the same note it makes me sick to think that we have already sent over a billion dollars in money and goods to Haiti, but after Katrina, housing companies used our southern states as a big *** tax write off AND NEVER EVEN BUILT THE HOMES.

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    I don't really agree with your difference between 9/11 and Katrina. On this I was at the Pentagon on 9/11 as an EMT and I was there for days and weeks after wards. I met people who came from all over the country this there experience on how to get people out of rubble. California, I met fire fighters who had the experience to get people out after an Earthquake, Alaska, the people I met from there had experience because of avalanches, Colorado, Montana, Utah, and others even from Texas to North Dakota because of natural disasters in those states.

    Before you start to compare an attack by humans to that of a natural disaster get your facts straight, the real people who are at fault with Katrina was the people Louisiana. Not the federal government.

    For example when a Hurricane is about to sit a state like Florida or North Carolina you will have the governors of those states come on TV to warn people weeks before the storm is going to hit not day before or hours but weeks. For people to either evacuate or to start to get supplies to ride out the storm.

    9/11 was because some people who were against our very way of life and our support of Israel wanted us to crumble at their feet, but we didn't.

    Next time if or when we have another 9/11 still attack how about you go to the town or city and get your hands dirty like I did.

    The reason we are helping Haiti is because they asked us and the other reason is because no one expected an Earthquake to strike like it did another reason is because our country is the best equiped to handle any kind of natural disaster. In California, they have to handle Earthquakes on a daily bases because of the San Andres Fault that runs through the state. Mountain states are the best on how to dig people out of alvanches. The mid western states Texas to North Dakota are best to get people out after a tornado. And of course the eastern states are the best to get people out after Hurricanes.

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    i might opt for to comprehend if all those making plans to assist haiti have helped the homeless and hungry in u.s.? for each penny despatched to haiti, 2 cents ought to take transport of to those in prefer in our very own usa. Our government has already despatched a hundred million funds that would have been used right here. Is that no greater beneficial than sufficient?

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    Wheres your evidence for this? Weren't the widows of 9/11 given something like 20 million $$ each, not to mention the huge surplus fund that was created after to help the victims. Whatever happened to those funds?

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    You need to step dwelling on the past, what is happening in Haiti is happening right now, they need help right now, they need people to show some humanity right now. The international community has no right to deny Haiti this help, to do so would cause global criticism and anger.

    Haiti needs out help right now, you don't need help for a past event.

    Hope for Haiti, we will rebuild lives, we will rebuild communities

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