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novel/book that will help me with conversational spanish?

i know quite a bit of academic spanish but would like to know some of the more conversational phrases and uses that people use. i know how to write formally but people dont usually tlak like that in everyday use so id like to learn some of the everday uses. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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    actually, i am going to go with a completely different suggestion

    listen to music and even better watch TV and movies in Spanish!

    i think it's the best way to learn colloquial spanish...I have taken Spanish for years and it's honestly my favorite way to improve my skills.

    I don't know how well you are at understanding Spanish, but there is a late-night talk show guy I LOVE named Andreu Buenafuente, you can watch his shows here:

    There is also a book that I have not ACTUALLY read...but I've been interested in it since I saw it last year at a book store. It's called Streetwise Spanish. I don't know how accurate it is...and what kind of Spanish it is (meaning pennisular spanish, or spanish from the andes etc...).

    If you just want to read...I recommend Paulo Coehlo...while I don't care for him as a writer and sometimes his books make me cringe, he is really easy to read in Spanish!

    Good luck!! Also, be aware that the Spanish used, the SLANG and the COLLOQUIALISMS will vary from country to country and even within the country. So you may say some slang phrase to someone and get a total blank stare back!

    GOOD LUCK! The hardest thing about learning language is sounding's a constant endeavor.

    Hope this helped you! I know I didn't really answer you...

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    all day i say to my friends

    hey, que onda? --- hey what's up?

    como estas? or como andas? - how r you

    whan they answer bien gracias - good thanks or whatever i say

    que bien, que cuentas? --- cool, what are you doing


    what do you like to say??

    better wach mexican tv shows!!

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    You can talk to me by MSN, i am mexican =)

    My email is:

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