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Feeling worthless and suicidle?

Ok now im 17 years old. I suffer from social anxiety and its gotten a lot worse over the years until the point now where I dont even go out anymore. I've become very depressed and always get headaches. I just feel so sad, lonely and forgotten like no one cares about me and I just dont belong here I only belong under ground if you get me. I've always been like this and been VERY self conscious of what everyone thinks of me. When I go out I become quiet and feel worthless compared to everyone, and they all talk and are confident and have a good time.

Even in photos I look at myself and feel so disgusting because you can tell im just the one on the end with no confidence at all who doesn't fit in. I went to my doctor and she referred me to a counceller but I doubt it will change anything because ive been such a looser my whole life and I cant see anything changing. I've always tried to be someone else and I dont no who i am. I always try to put on other peoples personalities because I am so bad at socializing. I just stay quiet and its also very embarrassing for me just to be quiet and anxious just like a weirdo not talking and you can tell if someone is very anxious also. Any advice here would be great im just thinking of getting a gun of a friend of mine and shooting myself in the head in the next month or so??

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    I suffer from the same thing. I have always been very, very shy, and when I am out in public, I am very quiet, and I never say too much. I am 47 years old, and have been that way all my life, but don't do anything in haste. Things will get better. I did get married, and had four children, although I am still very shy, but over time, it seems that it gets easier. It sometimes helps to go to some social clubs where you can meet other people. If you go to church, that will sometimes help. I belong to a church, and I also joined a health club, and I also became involved in square dancing. I think the busier you are, the more confident you will feel. Good luck to you, and please, hang in there.

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    Peter i was suffering the same as you until a few months back , i went to see my Doctor and she put me on antidepressants [Efexor xr] i now have a different outlook on life and don't feel suicidal anymore, you seem to have a very low esteem of yourself perhaps go to the library and look in the self help section for a book to help with your esteem, there are a lot but i find the book you need to read seems to find you, also join a club and start mixing with other people, believe it or not you are a special person Peter with a lot to offer so don't take the easy way out and hurt a lot of people do something about it, only you can turn your life around and start being happy again, it won't happen overnight but with a lot of dedication on your behalf you will succeed. Good Luck Peter and i wish you a world of Happiness

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    Honey, everybody looks at pictures of themselves and thinks "YUCK!!" I love to talk to people but I've got some skin condition where whenever there is attention on me, I turn BRIGHT red (I'm talking..brighter than a cherry) and it's embarrassing, but we move on. I've been learning how to control that (although it's pretty uncontrollable.. in High School, if I were the last to walk in the room, my face would turn red..soooo annoying).

    Anyway. Keep your chin up. Get out more, maybe join a club or find a hobby. If you sit around doing nothing all the time, of COURSE you're going to get depressed. May I ask why you're not confident? You can pull through this. You've got excellent typing skills - grammar, it's all there. Perhaps write a book or comic or write for your school newspaper. Get involved in something Peter. You'll benefit from it :) Good up and remember - everything 60 seconds you spend angry or upset is a minute of happiness you can never get back.

    Source(s): i have the mentality that the only people that matter are the people i love, i can easily block out the rest of the world and keep smiling. try it :)
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    You are only 17!! You have to remember you are in the most difficult period of your life. When I think about being a teenager I shiver about it because that isn't what life is all about. You aren't really living life yet at 17 trust me! Your hormones are changing your body and your mind is affected by it. I was so shy in highschool. I didn't even eat in front of people because I was so shy. I was so self conscious too. I was just like you, people made fun of me because I was so quiet. I'm 25 now and so much has changed. I am still quiet because that's my personality and it is a positive personality trait. It means you are very observant of people and their feelings. You even said you notice other people are confident. People are all self conscious they just hide it better. You think everyone's looking at you but they aren't. They are thinking about how they look. You aren't weird. You are different and that is a positive thing. You should focus on your studies and what you want to do after highschool, learn a trade or go to college. Look forward to life after highschool because it's nothing like highschool. You'll meet new people and make new friends. I don't even talk to anyone from my highschool. Life will be better, you won't truly find yourself until you reach my age. I did that too I mimicked other people's personalities and it didn't fit me. You just have to be yourself. You are quiet and people will accept that. When you are comfortable you will open up. That's who you are and I think people enjoy that. I can't stand loud and cocky people. Focus on your hobbies, movies, music, etc. Focus on yourself and not what other people think of you. Don't think about shooting yourself, because you have a full life ahead of you. I know I'm just a stranger to you, but I understand how you feel. I was there too. Hang in there, you aren't worthless, you are special because you could stand out from the crowd and look from the outside in. Be positive and find ways to make others happy because it will bring a smile to your face ;)

    JOKE: What do you call a man with no arms and no legs sitting on your front porch?

    - Matt :D

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    I know how you feel and im only 15,

    makes you wish they had groups at school so we could help one another.

    and we'd understand because we're going through the same things.

    i think if they had one of those at every school it would be good for people.

    i wish every day that they had one at mine or that i'd fine someone who's feeling like me.

    just dont kill yourself....

    a lot of people will miss you and if you dont care about that just think of how many things you'd miss out on..

    or just remember that we dont get second chances...

    death is permanent.

    that last part is whats keeping me alive, im wondering if id be making a good choice or wanting to kick myself in the butt if there is an afterlife..

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    I agree, you do not belong here.

    You are the son of the KING of all KINGs, you belong in heaven, HE created you to be HIS representative on earth, but unfortunately you did not get HIS message, also HIS creation was slightly distorted, because there is a liar, who told you lies about yourself, not because you are bad but because he hates your Heavenly father, and consequently he hates you too.

    so my advice is , tell the liar "you are a liar

    I am not worthless,

    I am not having social anxiety, I am a beloved son to the greatest father ever."

    and then start acting like one, you are a prince, your FATHER created you because HE loves you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    and even if you think you are worthless, you gain your worth just by being HIS son. Actually HE paid a lot for you (but that's a long story we can discuss later.

    for now you need to understand that you are in a mission, to glorify your father, and not allow HIS enemy to sadden his heart by lieing to one of the beloved sons(yourself)

    If you would just take a minute to imagine your fathers sorrow for you, you will realize how precious you are.


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    You dwell way too much on being negative towards yourself. In this world, you're all you've got and you've got to be positive about yourself because if you're weak, people will sense that. Talk to someone!!!! But in the end you're the only one who could fix this. Negativity breeds further negativity until you get to a point where you might want to end it all. That's not a situation you want to put yourself in. You also focus way too much on you. It's not all about you. Please seek help and try to focus on the positives about yourself. You may end up having a really great future but you'd never know that if you end it now. Please don't.

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    Fist of all, no gun to your head or any other part of your body will help. If (and i know i have so been there) you can talk to someone trust someone, i think it will help. You need to let out your own

    feelings(or lack of) in a way to totally be able to express yourself! You Will Get Through This!!!!!!

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    ok this just made me unhappy when i heard this im going to tell you something. when i was about 13 i was out with a few friends and my phone rang so i answered it it was on of my really close friends he called to tell me goodbye. he said the same thing that you were saying and you know what he ended up doing? he shot himself while he was still on the phone with me. i was ao depressed and i didnt know what to do all i knew is i missed him and i felf like it was my fault. now just think you have parents that care about you and im sure other people care about you, you may not see it but trust me they do. dont put somebody through what he put me trough just try to break out of your shell little by little find something that you enjoy doing... not killing yourself... and do it. well hope i helped you and this is the longest response ever

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    Don't kill yourself, dude seriously, its not like everybody hates you, just be yourself and talk to that friend of yours, it will build up your self confidence. I was always quiet, but that was because I had no self confidence.

    btw, if you have a friend, you should have some self confidence, like someone to talk to or express yourself to, and there is always someone that will like you for who you are so be yourself.

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