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young marines involvement?

i live in chesapeake , virginia and i don't know where to look to get involved with the young marines and im interested..... any info is well appreciated


and if anyone has past experience and has any info to share that would be much appreciated

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    Col. Wesley Fox

    Front Royal VFW Post 1860

    1847 North Royal Ave

    Front Royal, VA, 22630

    (540) 635-9454

    Contact: Fred Stoki


    EWS/Gieger Hall

    2077 Geiger Road

    Quantico, VA, 22554

    (703) 328-5444

    Contact: Patricia Fitzgerald

    LCpl. Caleb John Powers Young Marines

    2701 Princess Anne Street

    VFW, Post 3103

    Fredericksburg, VA, 22401

    (540) 845 9590

    Contact: George Biedenbender


    9950 Wellington Road

    Metz Middle School

    Manassas, VA, 20110

    (703) 753-3272

    Contact: Mark Shifflette


    2084 South Street

    Ellis Hall - Quantico Marine Base

    MCB Quantico, VA, 22134

    (540) 903-2346

    Contact: Joseph Venable

    Shenandoah Valley

    Winchester Elks Lodge

    466 Front Royal Pike

    Winchester, VA, 22601

    (540) 635-9528

    Contact: William Molitor

    SSgt. Jason D. Whitehouse

    1325 South Birdneck Road

    Virginia Beach, VA, 23451

    (757) 470-3309

    Contact: Elieser Smith

    Young Marines of Newport News

    7401 Warwick Blvd.

    Newport News, VA, 23607

    (757) 869-9003

    Contact: Orlando Audifre

    Source(s): Only units listed..
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    The closes Marine Corps base is Camp Lejeune down in North Carolina. You might want to try Norfolk NAS, there is a Marine Corps Detachment there.

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  • Rufus
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    Actually, the closest base would be Quantico, Va.

    You should be able to find a contact from the list another poster gave.

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