VBA Pokémon Fire Red Trade Problem "Save Error"?

I have a GBA emulator VBA 1.8 and pokemon fire red.

when i go in to the trade room, it asks to save, and when it is saving it says "Save Error" "Please Exchange The Backup Memory"

Ive tried switching to Flash 128k Memory and fiddling with save type but nothing helps

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The method 'switching to Flash 128k Memory' is what people usually recommend. Unfortunately, this method can only be used for Emerald. I used it before, it worked! But for Fire Red, the answer is NO! The only solution for this damn situation is downloading a new ROM from a reliable website.

    I'll give you the link: http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gba/14488/Pokemon_-_Fi...

    This should cure the goddamn 'save error' disease. However, here is the bad news: you'll have to start all over again so I sincerely hope that you didn't figure the problem out too late.

    P/S: I got this same problem yesterday, and I've just found the solution for me and... for you as well today. Lucky, huh?

    P/S 2: Damn, you still play Fire Red? And I thought I was the last one who did that.

  • 4 years ago

    Your link cable may be outdated, you should get a new one at gamestop for about 8 dollars. Otherwise (this is not likely, though) you may have not inserted the link plugs in tight enough. BTW: As to what carlos said, yes, you CAN trade from r/s/e to fr/lg. otherwise, you wouldnt be able to get most of the kanto gen pokemon...

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