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what do you think of these abby names?

i'm only 12 weeks along or so but already starting to think of baby names. but i like almost all of them. i had another list but it got all wet!! gay gay gayyy :)

summer rayne

blu risktaka

april showerz ("showerz" was actually my grandmas maiden name!! she was yiddish)

may flowerz (lol, i just think this is unique and cool ! )

simba koinonia

paideia grudl

traudl junge

le'tammy hillrayne

apple berrie

junebug hillsong temptress

delicate temptress

trendi spice

edbella jakeblack cullswannen

lorraine delarouge le'tammy

baybi kaykz ( i think its cute,we would of course change the name after a few years)

kShandr'a liKayehart-Cullenblack

swety larue le'tammy

christine melanie

millva nabanzx

lagrima dolores

olga whiteflower (olga = my moms name, whiteflower = my dead baby sister's middle name)

midgey bernardine

ingrid gamma

g'nae hoytu

dabba lenore

heather mckee

lena starflowr

gabby michelle

xoxchitla cruella

seþi s'baschen

avogadro habashada

mixtue wama'alanea

bertha may le'tammy

deskek renee michelle

sdeffanea gabbreaell (stephanie gabriel lol)

gnikowlle rannaey (nicole renee)

guinevere winthrop

djenivver matchelle

i just scribbled these down on paper and i like lots of them so one of them will probably be the babys name. i'm so excited! lol my gay friends make fun of me but i want her to have a very unique name.

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    You posted this crap over and over and you are a 14 year old girl who is not even pregnant because you have been 12 weeks for months now. Get a life. Go do your homework. Read a book.

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  • A unique name is great, but I'd cross off a majority of the very unusually spelled names (gnikowlle, sdeffanea). Your child is going to have to learn how to spell this name by at least Kindergarden and will have to correct people for the rest of her life. Also, consider what her peers are going to think of her name. Bertha, Olga and a few of your more trendy names will most likely lead to your child being teased. Good luck in your search!

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    Are you f*****g whak?? That is crazy id hate you if you wher my mother and named me one of thoes names id sy you are crazy and she defintly would get made fun of!

    Ill give you some cute names some unique!

    Citladi is cute and unique I like it only I can't use it because my neighbor daught s name is citlady allso some simalar names lik that are ciklaly xitlaly kitlady the ara all pronounced like this sitlady siclaly ect ect







    Isleny love that name!

    Jennica love it too!

    Latika love a lot its from slum dog millionair

    Ladee like la-dee not lady

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    I honestly can't pronounce even half of these names. If your friends make fun of you, just imagine how your child will be picked on in school. Do you really need an alternative spelling for Stephanie or Nicole?

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    What kind of reaction are you looking for?

    I guess I can't even say a witty remark about this.

  • ... do you WANT her to hate you?

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