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Does any health insurance company cover someone who was diagnosed clinically depressed?

A friend of mine was depressed, had some therapy, and is now taking medication. She is now uninsured, being declined by Anthem, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Does anyone have any ideas on how she can get health insurance? She lives in the formerly great state of California.

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    The information given by Stephen looks pretty good. She might have to pay a lot but she will be insured. She can always go to a community health clinic which is on a sliding scale if she does not have much money.

    Why doesn't she apply at Kaiser?

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    "The California Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP) is administered by the Managed Risk Medical Board and developed to provide health insurance for Californians who are unable to obtain coverage on the open market." See for more details. The major requirements are that you are a resident of CA, do not qualify for COBRA or Cal-COBRA or medicare, and you have a "letter or a copy from a health insurance carrier, health plan or health maintenance organization denying individual coverage within the last 12 months."

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    once you're saying "swap in employment" did you advise to a distinctive company backed plan? if so, it is team coverage and not guy or woman. in case you signed up for the coverage on the pretext of the e-e book that they had despatched you, and have been then instructed they offered you with the incorrect advice, it is "bait and turn" and that i might sue in a coronary heart beat. no remember if that is guy or woman coverage there must be some style of purchase Up coverage that would enable you to purchase psychological wellbeing coverage for an extra fee. although, Blue pass is a multimillion greenback coverage company and should no longer be making blunders like sending out incorrect booklets to their insureds. i might advise switching companies in case you have the alternative.

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    Yes assurant health I have them they are great I have issues with depression as well there number is 972-775-8673

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