So Atheists: Who do you think pays higher taxes? the GOP Republicans or the Liberals? And what does it signify?

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    "GOP Republicans." What other kind of Republicans are there? Republicans are pathologically trained to demand ever lower taxes, no matter what it does to the country. People who make the most money supposedly pay the most taxes, but they also have the most resources to evade taxes. Poorer people pay a greater percentage of their income on necessities, so their tax rate should justly be lower than those who have more discretionary income. That's called progressive taxation.

    Consider a flat grocery sales tax. Everyone needs to eat, but while a poor person may spend 50% of his income on food, the rich person spends 1% of his income on food. One can only eat so much. That's a regressive tax that penalizes most the people who have the fewest resources.

    Republicans like to whine about fairness, saying rich people shouldn't be required to pay more than poor people. But fairness is proportional. Those with more always get more and those with less always get less, perpetuating an injustice by making it harder for the poor to ever catch up. Justice is about doing what is right, about respecting the basic rights and dignity of human beings regardless of their class.

    Perhaps the biggest mistake made in the tax code was the tax cuts made by President Kennedy. Before that, under Eisenhower, a very competent Republican president, the top tax bracket was 90%. That's where it belongs today.

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    How does this relate to atheism? Are you under the impression that there are no atheists in those top tax brackets? You'd be wrong dear, very wrong.

    Are you also assuming that there are no Liberals in that tax bracket? I think this question signifies that you aren't very bright. If they taxed brain cells, I'm guessing you'd never pay a dime.

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    Since the Liberals get the benefits from the Democratic congress... the Republicans suffer less handouts.

    And then also, Republicans do get taxed higher when new laws are made that steer it that way.

  • The Republicans for sure. It signifies that most Liberal want to spread the wealth around because they desperately need it themselves.

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  • Huh?
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    Atheists don't believe in a God. That doesn't mean they know anything or care about tax rates, the GOP or liberals.

    Why do christians have such a problem understanding a simple concept. Atheists don't believe in God. That is the only thing consistent among them. That doesn't make them liberals, scientists, or anything else but non believers.

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    Why should anyone pay any taxes at all? Like the trick jesus played when he said "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto God what is God's"

    Most christians don't know the meaning of this, as to the Jews, everything, including the land the produce and products belonged to god, so that meant Caesar got NOTHING. It was a little trick he played on them, that I am sure you are not aware of.

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    1 decade ago

    the wealthy pay higher taxes.

    about 70% of all taxes paid (Federal) are from the rich (about 10% of the population). the rest of the 30% is made up by everyone else (about 90% of the population).

    It has nothing to do with political affiliation.

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    1 decade ago

    Obviously the GOP...

    Liberals are much smarter and know how to legally reduce their taxes.

    "And what does it signify?"

    You want me to SPELL it out to you?



  • So what the hell is the American tax system supposed to have to do with me being atheist? I live in Scotland.

  • Republicans - brainless

    Democrats - dickless

    Hooray! We are being lead by the brainless and dickless. And you, MANnie, know all about dickless, don't you dear?

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