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Did Bush and other Republicans want America to become socialist country when he approved bailouts?

or was they just weak & being manipulate?

If you think the bailouts equal socialism and since all most of the bailouts were approved by George Bush not President Obama was George Bush moving this country towards socialism or he was so weak and naive that he let candidate/President elect Obama and the Democrats manipulate him, his administration and other Republicans into the 2008 bailouts.

Which one was it?

The Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP was $700 billion for Wall Street.

34 Senate Republicans also voted for the bill.

91 House Republicans also voted for the bill.

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    Most conservatives oppose government bailouts. Bush was no conservative and he spent us into the Abyss. See what happens when government spends money it doesn't have?

    What do you think Obama and the Democrats will do to get the country out of this hole? My guess is that someday they will try to push our 401K's into government control. Watch how they sell it as if the Markets are volatile, etc. Then you will think your defined Benefit plan backed by government bonds is safe while they spend that, too! Inflation will kill that account, but they will never tell us that because they are selling every bag of goods to the most incompetent and making everyone participate on their terms. Liberal professors will push it (already are) because they love government funding.

    You'll see. they are already discussing it. They treat us like children.

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    The Republicans were capitalists, the Democrats were socialists. The Democratic congress with some Republicans, such as McCain wanted some bailouts. Bush put conditions on them, like he did with GM. Also the money used in TARP was to buy bonds from the banks, the same bonds that investors were buying when the housing market was hotter. Bonds not only can give interest, they can be should at a profit to other investors. When Obama got into Office, Obama and the Democrats dedicated $12.1 trillion and just gave that money away without any conditions.

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    I m goin to compare this to canada. I ve lived in that country for about 30 years. And in the time that i have lived there, there hasn't been bailouts like there are here in the us. If that isn't more socialistic, i dont know what is.

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    Well let’s put it this way; Republicans are well known for “union busting” and have never had a problem admitting to that fact. The problem is, most of us haven’t realized yet, that the union they’ve been trying to bust is the Union of these United States.

    To be truthful, I don't think "they" have given much thought to what'll happen once our country becomes after they have succeeded in busting "This Union". You know, the same as their "exit strategy" for after the downfall of Iraq.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are all Democrats liberal?

    Now, ask yourself: are all Republicans conservative?

    Obama's policies are Bush's policies on steroids. The economy wasn't in trouble until the Libs got ahold of Congress.

    Bush sucked. Obama is worse.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You might want to take into account the fact that a majority of Congress was democrat during that time. All these bailouts were voted on and approved overwhelmingly by Democrats, including your butt boy Obama.

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    Bush has said that the bailouts were his biggest mistake as President.

    Both McCain and Obama voted for them, even though Americans were vehemently opposed to them.

    Bush started the road to Socialism, and Obama is taking us over the cliff.

  • Bub
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    1 decade ago


    Dub was about one drink away from declaring himself king. The mayor of NY has changed the laws to suit himself, I kept thinking Dub was going to do the same.

    Thank goodness for term limits.

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    Wow you still dont get it do you? All of the conservatives that I know opposed ALL corporate bailouts, both under Bush and under Obama.

    By the way, Bush said bailing out AIG was a mistake...has Obama?

  • Nikki
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    1 decade ago

    Get this straight - Bush & his Republican congress were Republican only in name. And they lost. Hopefully, they've learned that's not what the US people want.

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