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Can anyone give me some tips / advice to help a guy I like a lot fall for me?

I'm a senior in high school. I have a pretty big crush on a kid that I had one class with. His name is Max, and he's a sophomore and about 22 months younger than me. We have a ton in common, just relating to interests and morals, but I don't know him that well, and my semester class is over so now I won't see him in school anymore. My only option is facebook at this point, I don't have his number either. I really just want to at least be good friends with him, but I'd love to see where it goes. I have no idea if he's attracted to me or if he wants to be as close as I want to be, but I'm trying to change that. Any tips on how to draw him closer without scaring him off?

Here's a summary of the major things I know about him and I.

My eyes are a deep shade of hazel, but my license says brown, he asked to see my license and immediately pointed out that my eyes were clearly hazel - nobody notices my eye color

Him and I are both diehard baseball fans- different teams, but different leagues, haha, so thats a non-issue

He and I are both very close with someone who has autism- his brother and my cousin, and we both plan to raise money for that in the next few years (my benefit is in april 2010, his in 2012).

He loves to fish

There's more but I doubt it matters so I'll leave it as is, haha thank you guyss :) <3


Oh, and we're both quite shy and neither of us have been in an actual relationship before

Update 2:

I know, I'm super nervous to go after him because I'm kind of... socially awkward I guess? hahah I have no clue what to say to new friends unless like prompted. haha I get all excited when I see him though, so I'm gonna try as hard as i can

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    I would send him a Facebook message, just a friendly one, asking how he is and try to start a conversation about something - if his favourite baseball team has played a game recently, ask if he watched it. Something like that.

    Hopefully he'll keep replying, chat for a while. Then ask for his number, or if you're too nervous to ask directly say your Facebook keeps playing up and it would be easier to text.

    Once you start texting and getting to know each other more (ask him more about himself etc.) then you can ask if he wants to hang out. If you're scared to ask for no apparent reason, ask if he wants to meet up and talk about ideas for you two's events since you're struggling with ideas or something.

    It seems like he may be interested in you already, but seeing how much you have in common will make him realise you two should be together :) Good luck!

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    More specifics could be first-class. If you simply desire to get even then begin a rumor that his Dick is tiny. For extra subtlety regardless that there are matters you'll be able to do. There is the blue balls method. That's in which you get him all sizzling and stricken after which toss him out the door. There are a couple of hazards to that one regardless that. You can check out the opposite man syndrome. Date him most likely however while "date" this different man and permit him "unintentionally" uncover out. Much a laugh can also be had from that. Oh Oh Oh! You can do the loopy female friend activities, like that chick from "How to lose a man in 10 days". Make him do a wide variety of loopy stuff to get into your pants. If he's a playa then he'll have got to do it when you consider that a playa are not able to exhibit failure.

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    Just ask him to go and hang out, fishing or a baseball game, that's the best way to see if he is interested.

    Don't worry about scaring him off, at this point your not going to see him much so you might as well go for it. No guts no glory!

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  • You guys obviously has a lot in common.

    If he says your eyes are hazel then he must look at u more than u think :)

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    Yeah, just chat with him on facebook about your interests and just get to know him. And show him your personality.

    But remember. Always be YOU :)

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    Since you're older he prolly wont go after you. Just flirt with him on fb and get his #. He'll be flattered. GIRLS YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WHEN IT COMES TO FLIRTING WITH GUYS!

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    Braves rule!!!!!! 14 time division champs!!!!!!

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