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Wild Alaskan Salmon(where can buy it)?

Its the best nutrional fish out there. Can I get it anywhere here in New York? If its moderatly expensive it's ok but is there any high quality alaskan salmon that arnt farmed? Its for my body building diet.

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    Fortunately for me, my freezer is to the top with wild Pacific salmon fillets from our 2009 salmon fishing adventure in southeast Alaska.

    Suggest: http://www.wildpacificsalmon.com


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    There are 5 species of Pacific Wild salmon. King or chinook, silver or coho, sockeye, pink or humpback, and chum salmon. Farm raised salmon is Atlantic salmon. it is not close by to the Pacific coast. It additionally would not have as extreme a point of omega 3 as wild salmon. So your non-wild can of salmon could not be farm raised atlantic salmon. Canned salmon generally incorporates the call of the species of salmon on the label. Sockeye is very prized for its flavor. Silver, pink and chum salmon are additionally canned. I actual have under no circumstances viewed a can of King salmon. i could think of that on condition that they get $sixteen a pound right here in California, they sell it clean while they are in a position to. look into the cans heavily. i'm constructive it wil inform you what species this is till this is chum. chum is likewise stated as canine salmon through fact it replaced into not good tasting so it replaced into used to feed the canine. . If there is not any identity of the species on the can, different than for Alaskan salmon, it must be chum.

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    Here are some links to companies, in Alaska selling Alaskan wild salmon online.



    And luckily more and more people are realizing the benefits of wild Alaskan salmon, and it should be easier to find commercially in the lower 48


    Thank you for buying wild and not farmed: "friends don;t let friends eat farmed salmon"


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  • 1 decade ago

    first of all thank you for supporting alaskan fisheries. i live in southeast alaska and part of my families yearly income comes from fish. you might be able to order from some companies. try looking for companies and call them asking to ship to you.

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