Is my sons teacher picking on him?

My son is in yr2 aged 6, every wednesday he has a stand in teacher who seems to be always punishing or sending my son out of lessons.

The school operate a straw system in which a child is good they gain a straw if naughty they lose a straw at the end of the week if they have 3 straws they get a golden half hour.

Last week the stand in teacher removed all 3 straws off my son for laughing in class I believe in her taking one straw but all 3 I feel is extreme.

Again last week during P.E she sent him out off the lesson as he touched his toes whilst he was sitting down listening to her reading out of the bible, again I feel that is extreme and don't understand why she was doing a re lesson during p.e.

Today during p.e she has sent him out because she said he made a kind of whistling sound with his lips,I have confronted the teacher today as I felt that maybe my son hadn't added all the story but she said it was how my son had explained and touching toes, laughing and making noises is ill mannered and disrespectful and maybe I should look at my parenting skills!!!!!!! Please any advise would be great maybe I am being overprotective I have a meeting tomorrow with the head teacher.

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    At first I was going to suggest that maybe your son has done more than he's been telling you, yet you said near the end that the teacher confirmed what your son had said.

    Based on what you said, the teacher is being extreme with her punishments and punishing normal behaviour. As she is not the regular class teacher she may feel she needs to be strict in order to keep control of the class (kids can be a right handful for stand in teachers) but this does not excuse what she is doing.

    It would be good to talk to the normal class teacher to make sure that there aren't any problems your unaware of as well as speaking to the head teacher. It would be a good idea to find out if the teacher is like this with other children too, or just your son. Try to stay calm when you talk to the teachers and remember they should be there to help you.

    Please don't assume the teachers will stick up for one another (as someone else suggested) as in a good school they will have your childs best interests at heart and should want to reslove the matter just as much as you do. If you find that the teacher or head is not interested in helping you as they should then don't hesitate to being the matter to the board of governers.

    Source(s): Childcare worker, have worked in several different schools with this age group.
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    Yeah, that was kind of rude of the teacher to say to you. I always suspect that when a kid tells you a teacher is picking on them there is some merit into it. When I was first reading your comments I was thinking you might be a bit over protective but after you confronted her and she told you to look at your parenting skills, I thought otherwise.

    Sometimes teachers select certain children out of a crowd and have a vendetta against them. I was the son of a teacher and I did get into some trouble here and there so I formed a reputation at my school. Some teachers hated me before I even stepped foot in their class. Has your child had any behavioral problems before these incidents?

    My advice to you is to talk to your child about this teacher and explain to him that she is going to be hard on him and that he has to be extra careful not to do or say the wrong thing. Tell him to be reserved, go about his business and kill her with kindness. Don't give her a reason to do anything or say anything to him.

    You as a parent can only do so much to intervene with the situation. Ironically i was just writing an article about knowing when to draw the line between being an overprotective parent and not doing enough. This is your test you face now. Just do what's right in your mind but be cautious that there might be some backlash against your child. Luckily he's only six so I think this will pass easily and hopefully uneventfully. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.


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    That is to harsh a punishment. I mean the child is 6 years old not 16. At that age they do fidget and get the giggles. I would ask that this particular teacher not be around your child because it definitely sounds like she likes to pick on him. Tell them he is 6 and she is the adult and she should be able to handle the little things a child does. If my kid only giggled and played with her toes while I read the bible I would be so happy as right now she can't sit long enough to get through a single verse.

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    We had a similar problem. We changed schools in the end and oddly enough problem gone and son now top of class and regularly commended on his excellent behavior., so that shows who was at fault.

    I think sometimes if they get a wrong first impression the teacher can become fixated on that child and then end up looking for every little thing to pick on, when with other children they would ignore it more.

    Unfortunately if it comes to your son or the teacher the Head is going to back the teacher.

    The teacher saying you should look at your parenting skills is very disrespectful in itself and suggests she has some issues of her own maybe.

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    it sounds like that teacher is not familiar with the school procedures in sanctions for misbehaviour

    but her BLAMING you for your son's actions when SHE is responsible is going way too far

    kids often are unsettled when faced with a change of routine, including a different teacher to normal and it could be that your son is acting up because of that.

    it sounds like your son is being mischievous but not in a way that makes it sound like he has behavioural issues (of the kind that would need specialist help) - but i think this relationship issue needs sorting before it develops

    i am sure you will listen as well as talk when you do have a meeting so that you can understand the school end of it as well as putting your thoughts across too

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    I believe that you need to go higher up than this teacher, especially if his regular teacher doesn't have these issues.

    Lucky enough for my son, his school doesn't believe that children can or should sit still, especially at such a young age. Even now, in 3rd grade, they are rarely "at their desk" but move around the classroom and work off of clipboards and in groups.

    If you look up "normal" child behaviors, what your son is doing is 100% normal.

    I would demand either a different teacher and the straws to be returned or if this is the regular schedule (this teacher every Tues) I'd have him stay home.

    Source(s): Positive Parenting, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk
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    She is completely unacceptable! At his age, she needs to be rewarding more often than punishing. You need to pursue this, chances are shes like this with other kids whose parents aren't willing to stand up for them. He's only 6!! She needs to back off before she instills a lasting dislike for school. Some teachers have no business working with children and how dare she criticize your parenting skills! She should be applauding you for wanting to be informed and involved with finding a solution for this situation. Even if she isn't, I am! Good job, Mom, way to bridge the gap between home and school.

    Source(s): Associates degree in Early Childhood Education
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    well whats most important is your son, he will grow out of any little naughty things he might be doing along with discipline but when he has that teacher no longer he wont really care. its only a small part of life. and i think a reward system is not going to dramatically change his life.

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    I would be talking to the head teacher right away, That is completely unfair. He is a six year old boy, how do you expect him to act? I understand discipline but that is way to extreme!

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    I have seen and heard this exact story hundreds of times. You can also hear it among the gossip from some of the parents in schools. It on very rare occasions can be true. Most of the time it's the parents with the blinders on playing the "it's not my kid" card. Could be the teacher but in most cases it's the parents.

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