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Ted DiBiase Jr. asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

WWF Smackdown week 1 preview, please vote`?

Please check on my profile to see my previous shows, also Cliff (the user) will be posting my WWF Impact week 1 soon please check it.

Here's the roster:

1-The Rock (2000)

2-The Undertaker (2004)

3-Chris Jericho (2001)

4-John Cena (Heel rapper: 2003-2004)

5-Batista (2005)

6-Edge (2000)

7-Christian (2000)

8-Luke Gallows9- Eddie Guerrero (2004)

10-CM Punk (2009)

11-M.V.P (2007)

12-Finlay (2006)

13-John Morrison (2009)

14-Shelten Benjamin (2004)

15-Ken Kennedy (2007)

16-Dolph Ziegler (2009)

17-Val Venis (2000)

18-Rikishi (2000)

19-Nathan Jones (2003)

20-Gangrel (2000)

21-Viscera (2000)

22-Faroque (2000)

23-Bradshaw (2000)

24-The Miz (2009)

25-R-Truth (2009)

26-Scotty Too Hotty (2002)

27-Trent Baretta

28-William Regal (2001)

29-Paul Burchill (2008)

30-Cayle Croft

31-Charlie Haas (2003)

32-Santino Marella (2009)

33-Drew McIntyre (2009)

34-Eric Escobar

35-Maryse (2008)

36-Melina (2006)

37-Torrie Wilson (2003)

38-Candice Michael (2007)

39-Sable (2003)

40-Michael McCool (2008)

41-Katie Lee Burchill (2008)

42-Maria (2008)

Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz

G.M: Celebrity guest hosts


1- The first ever celebrity guest host will host the show

2-WWE tag team tittles tournament will start: Edge and Christian will face the A.P.A

3-U.S tittle tournament: Eddie Guerrero vs Mr.Kennedy

4-And more


6 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    For sure that's a pretty cool preview !


    Eddie Guerrero.

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  • Awesome Roster.



    3.Mr Kennedy


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  • 3 years ago

    Its a mater of opinion, and in my opinion i don't locate him to be the GOAT. WWE pushed him by means of fact the GOAT yet as quickly as lower back thats WWE's opinion. he's between the terrific ever are not getting me incorrect yet he isn't the terrific. To be honest there should not be a very good ever by means of fact all of it boils all the way down to opinion. as an occasion, in my opinion i think of AJPW celebrity and professional Wrestling NOAH founder Mitsuahru Misawa is the terrific wrestler ever. Others would think of Hart, Rock, Austin etc. yet there only isn't a definitive answer to the question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    O no , hubbys mad at me now . Get to work and if it takes another 100 days you stick to your guns . Don't you think its time you run for Senate?

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  • I will get the World Wildlife Federation to sue you if you don't give me BA

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  • 1 decade ago

    wrestling fails

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