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Trying to trace a relative?

I am trying to locate a probably retired lawyer or possibly advocate named Annastassios Parthenion.He is/was from Athens.This man is my biological father,but I never knew him as I was adopted.He would have been practising law during the 1960's and 70's.Apparently he may have workeed for Stavros Niarchos.I am desperate to trace this man.I am 48 years of age and male.If anyone can help me I would be unimaginably grateful Thanks

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    Favorite Answer ??? I would write to Niarchos Ltd , sending you information and ask if this Annastassios Parthenion did work for them at some time, also if they have his last know address and go from there...if you get an area/state/country he lived then advertise in the local newspaper for him or anyone who knows/knew him to contact you.

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    You have posted this before and lots of people gave you very good answers. I even did a bit of research for you.

    Did you read it.

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    Buy some software.


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