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I need help on this very hard homework question: Who was the first president of the United States?

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    The first President of the United States of America under the US Constitution was George Washington (1732-1799), who was elected in 1789 and took the oath of office on April 30, 1789. Washington was re-elected in 1792 and served as President until March 4, 1797.

    John Hanson is sometimes referred to as the first US president, although his position was slightly different from that of a modern-day president as stipulated by the Articles of Confederation. For all intents and purposes, George Washington was the first US President.

    Or there is this story which is the one i beleive.

    Six other presidents were elected after him - Elias Boudinot (1783), Thomas Mifflin (1784), Richard Henry Lee (1785), Nathan Gorman (1786), Arthur St. Clair (1787), and Cyrus Griffin (1788) - all prior to Washington taking office. Why don't we ever hear about the first seven Presidents of the United States? It's quite simple - The Articles of Confederation didn't work well. The individual states had too much power and nothing could be agreed upon. A new doctrine needed to be written - something we know as the Constitution.

    George Washington was definitely not the first President of the United States. He was the first President of the United States under the Constitution we follow today. And the first seven Presidents are forgotten in history.

    I say John Hanson (Y)

    he was still a leader just not under the same constitution.

    started in 1715 - WAY BEFORE George ; )

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    George Washington

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    you will desire to understand that first, there have been many presidents till now washington and it rather relies upon what organisation you're speaking approximately... right here men served by means of fact the President of the 1st Continental Congress: Peyton Randolph (September 5, 1774 – October 21, 1774) and Henry Middleton (October 22, 1774 – October 26, 1774) right here men served by means of fact the President of the 2d Continental Congress: Peyton Randolph (would 10, 1775 – would 23, 1775) John Hancock (would 24, 1775 – October 31, 1777) Henry Laurens (November a million, 1777 – December 9, 1778) John Jay (December 10, 1778 – September 27, 1779) Samuel Huntington (September 28, 1779 – March a million, 1781[a million] right here men served as President of the united states in Congress Assembled: Samuel Huntington (March a million, 1781[2] – July 9, 1781) Thomas McKean (July 10, 1781 – November 4, 1781)[3] John Hanson (November 5, 1781 – November 3, 1782) Elias Boudinot (November 4, 1782 – November 2, 1783) Thomas Mifflin (November 3, 1783 – October 31, 1784) Richard Henry Lee (November 30, 1784 – November 6, 1785) John Hancock (November 23, 1785 – June 5, 1786) Hancock became too ill to serve. right here 2 human beings acted as president in his absence:[a million] David Ramsay (November 23, 1785 – would 12, 1786) Nathaniel Gorham (would 15, 1786 – June 5, 1786) Nathaniel Gorham (June 6, 1786 – November 5, 1786) Arthur St. Clair (February 2, 1787 – November 4, 1787) Cyrus Griffin (January 22, 1788 – November 2, 1788) lots of them used the call "President of the united states" in a shortened style of their real titles and none of them have been like the presidency under the counstitution...greater like the Speaker of the abode with a administration of all branches of government oh...and via the way none of them have been black the two....

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    George Washington Carver

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  • George Hussein Washington.

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    John Hansen.

    George Washington was the first president of the U.S. under the Constitution. Prior to that were the Articles of Confederation. There was a U.S. Congress before the ratification of the Constitution, and seven presidents before Washington.

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    George Washington how old are you

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    George Clooney.

    ***wow, I didn`t know that about GW, or rather before GW. Interesting!

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