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have you ever known any 'muslimmed' girls?

Allow me to explain. In my life so far, I have come across a few non-muslim non-middle eastern women whom I got to know personally. All of them didn't know eachother, and all of them had nothing to do with one another. They all had one thing in common though:

They were all Muslimmed. It is a word I coined to describe the state in which a girls mindset and personality changes forever (for the worse) after being with a devoted muslim boyfriend/husband for 6+ months or more.

The first girl I knew, was from California. She was funny, a little on the slow side but all around good person. She met some muslim dude from Egypt and they went out for over a year (and still are) over long distance. Though Egypt-boy had the added bonus of extreme jealousy, his Muslimmness controlled her in ways I thought only existed in medieval/colonial ages. Gradually she stopped talking to all guys she knew, and shut out those that tried to know her. I only managed to keep in contact because she was attracted to me.

Her wardrobe slowly changed to all sweaters and pants.. When I asked why, I found out it was because her Egypt-Boy gets super pissed when she wears anything revealing. The girl I'm talking about had small breasts, so there wasn't even anything to reveal. Gradually she finally wore sweaters all the time, even in the house and only rarely ever wore anything like a tanktop or v-cut tshirt.

Her attitude also went down into the sh!tter and I noticed she was sad all the time. After cleverly finding out why, I was shocked. He would constantly insult her, sometimes every few days, sometimes ever day. He would do the most disrespectful things imaginable to her, usually leaving her crying where I'd go in and comfort her the best I could.

It went on and on, and on, until she was almost like a drone. There to serve his needs. Her excuse for putting up with it? "I love him".... Yes, she was a total brainless fool of a human being, but still, she didn't deserve that treatment.

I finally told her to f off and I never talked to her again. I thought it an isolated incident where some r-tard jerkoff took advantaged and controlled some little immature bimbo. But then.. I met more non-muslim non-middle eastern women who were in the exact same situations.

All of them were the same. Of course each girl had their own personality, all were controlled in similar manners, all deeply miserable, and all saying "but I love him".

I slowly developed an understanding of devoted/hardcore muslim philosophy based on what i've seen, and wholeheartedly disagree with women being treated like that. I like the old system of family where the woman stays home and cooks and cleans, and the man is the absolute head of the house, but I certainly do not condone demeaning my wife/girlfriend to the point where they feel worthless like all these devoted muslim men did to these (formerly) good women.

have you ever noticed this? am I wrong?

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    You're right about what happens. But it's not everywhere. It depends on the family itself and the upraising of the "child". I've been with one, same ****. I wouldn't stop talking to guys of course, and I kept wearing my usual clothes, but his jealousy was biting at the back of my skull. And he would get ...violent? I couldn't put up with it [after 2/3 years, and yes my friends would tell me to leave and ask me why I put up with his **** and sometimes listen to it, same excuse "I love him" or "I don't want to lose him"], eventually. In the Arab world, it isn't ALL like that, but yes I do agree there are people who are, many of them. That proves that we aren't the only ones who misinterpret "Islam", they do so themselves. I probably know more about Arab and Muslim history than they do. These are the examples of jealous, stupid, demented, blindly interpreting- oxymorons. Who even exist in most parts of the world. Even the "Developed" continents/countries.

    If you clearly think of it, religion DOES have an impact, but the person's psychological and mental health play an even bigger role. I mean this guy is just sick, really sick. I even laugh at myself when I remember the times I missed out on concerts or gigs because he was jealous for me, and wanted me all for him. He used to ask me to take permission when I even got to the store.

    There are non-brainwashed lads, who could be Muslims and/or Arab. I've been with two, they're quite open-minded and easy going. It's just some c0cksuckers like that guy.

    So you're not wrong. And I haven't just noticed, I've lived it.

    Good topic.

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    i'm not a guy but i think every girl can admit, even if they're not gay, that there are some beautiful *** girls out there. i saw a girl once who was working at a grocery store, like restocking things or something. she had very simple features and i guess that's what made her so pretty. she had green eyes, light blonde hair, long, but done up in a ponytail with some bangs. super friendly, which i think adds to attractiveness. i mean, i'm not gay, but psh wouldn't mind changin for a bit for that girly.

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    OMG, is that what u think?

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