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有關商用英文書信問題 Redemption program


Abt the marketing plan on 30cm frypan and 28cm deep wok with weilburger coating, which customer are you gg to sell to? As Maxim Hybrid, we understand that you will use this for redemption program.

You said that you will sell for redemption, sales channel and distributor. Just need some info, are you gg to sell the same item to several stores/distributor and at the sametime doing redemption?Pls advise.

我查了許多字典 redemption ,問到的都是償還,賠償 歸還的類似意思。

後來問我朋友 他駐在國外也不太了解,可能要請有關商用英文的高手們救救我~

Redemption program又是什麼意思哩!?


To: Roujenho

所以這邊的意思,是不是像我們這邊比如說百貨公司或著銀行 加油站 量販店的紅利積點!?

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    Redemption Program 有可能是指消費者或是顧客在消費的時候能夠累積點數。這些點數累積到某種的程度就能夠換取一些實物。例如航空公司的里程數可以換免費機票,就是一種Redemption Program.

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