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If I get a W-2 from two different employers(same year) am l required to file wo separate tax forms?

Or can l combine my earnings/FTW/STW from both forms and file just one federal and one state return? Given of course, that I put both stubs in the envolope when mailing them in?


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    You only file one tax return for Federal and state taxes, no matter how many employers you have during the year.

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    You file all earnings on the same return. If you file via an online agency they will ask you for the information from each w-2.

    The same thing goes for if you mail it. You add all items together and put the total in the appropriate boxes. You will attach both w-2's with your return.

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    You ALWAYS file a single tax return no matter how many jobs you hold. Add them all together. Get TurboTax to walk you through the process. They even have a free on-line version for those who qualify. Haven't you seen all their advertisements here in Yahoo! Answers? They're everywhere!

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    you may want to because the IRS is going to ask your self why you're filing 2 tax returns for the same 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. if you're no longer getting audited, its adequate to reinforce their eyebrows. you'll prefer to report an amended go back. both W-2 varieties get used to calculate your income and to calculate taxes owed. it can make the large difference on even if you get funds back or owe them funds.

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    you always combine it will ask if you efile or go to a tax place all of your jobs and earnings and then bam done and done oh and yes put the stubs in the same envelope !

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    You have to combine them, you can't file multiple returns

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