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How do you stop thinking about a professor?

I can't seem to stop thinking about one of my professors, I've never been this obsessed about anyone before, it's pathetic, and inappropriate. If only I could convince the irrational part of my brain of that, because rationally, I know it's unrealistic and absurd to be thinking about a professor like this...argh.

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    Obsession happens, to many people. It's like being addicted to liking someone, you feel pathetic but you can't stop. The worse you feel the more you want to look at them.

    Just bide your time. I don't think there are any "cures" for this except either becoming disillusioned or changing schools.

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    Perhaps you aren't the only one, but you should renounce to the idea, this may bring you a lot of disappointment. Especially if he is married.

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    i'm in love with my instructor too!! Wow, i did not comprehend how elementary this replaced into. in simple terms, in my case it would want to be unlawful! My mom tells me to in simple terms see him at the same time as necessary. for instance, do not bypass searching for him at the same time as he's on his lunch destroy! or end taking the quick shrink on your different classification in order that that you will locate him. If there are any procedures that you'll be able to dodge him, do it. Now in case you in simple terms see him at school and that is it, then you actually might want to wrestle this with will means. you may want to do it! in simple terms attempt to imagine about something else if he's on your thoughts. study a e book, do your time period paper it truly is in simple terms waiting to be written. attempt to occupy your thoughts with different thoughts. and also imagine about your tremendous guy and why you adore him. in case you quite love your boyfriend you received't have time to imagine of your professor. i understand it truly is difficult and also you may want to no longer prefer to allow the overwhelm bypass even inspite of the truth that you understand you may want to, yet you'd be a lot happier and by no potential as less than pressure in case you in simple terms let him bypass. yet who am i to furnish suggestion at the same time as i'm choosing out toddler names for me and my instructor!!! in simple terms kidding! haha yet quite, good success and that i completely understand your seize 22 situation :-)

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