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13 and pregnant with AIDS help!!!!?

I kno dis is stuped asking on the net but idk i done knoe were els too turn two bcuz my parents r real strict neway i lost my virgenity to this guy well he was my bf but not really more like a friend with benefets n he said he loved me and wood always b there 4me but after he cheeted i thot maybe i cood keep him by having sex neway we did it and i found out i am pregnatte and that i have HIV positf and i am omg i dunno what to do should i have the baby my parents dont know i am preggant and the guy changed his #. pls help if there is anywhere i can go that will help me i am only thieteen and this was my first time i wish i didnt do it but i did so oh well now my gf and i (yes i am bisexual get over it) wants to raise the baby together but she is only 12 and neither of us has any moneey.

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    this looks like a job for abortion maaaaaan!!!!!!!!

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    Okay if this is serious, then you need to tell your parents about both problems. If you have HIV there is a high chance the baby could have HIV as well, which would be catastrophic! And basically you will need expensive medication and treatments that you can not afford because you are still a child and reliant on your parents. You also need to discuss whether or not it is fair on the baby to bring it into the world with HIV, you need to speak to your parents and a counselor and a doctor!

    If this is a joke, surely you have better things to do with your time then be a troll, but thanks for the 2 points!

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    I'm 13 and in 8th grade. Pretty much all schools are the same way, lots of people in my school do the same things. Don't worry, the pregnant girls will be sorry later when they have 5 kids and are working at a fast food restaurant. I'm only in an A size bra too, just relax, ur fine!

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    I hope this is a joke and you have nothing else to do with your time than act like a young girl who has a serious issue.

    If this is in all seriousness, you need to go to your parents, tell them what happened and go to the doctors ASAP! As far as the guy, that doesn't shock me... your still very young. And as far as your 12 year old girlfriend wanting to "help-out" don't count on that lasting very long, if it even gets to that point. She'll most likely leave you just like your "boyfriend" did. Your young, probably in 7th or 8th grade... you shouldn't be having sex, unprotected sex at that anyways. There are always consequences for what you do... and unfortunately this one will most likely ruin your life since your so young.

    Best of luck.

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    You need to tell your parents NOW. This is very serious. You need to get checked out and get on medication before this disease turns into something unstoppable. I can't imagine what you must be going through, but you need the help and support of an adult for guidance ASAP whether it be a school nurse, a school counseler, someone at a planned parenthood, but most importnt your parents. Please seek guidance from an adult/ professional immediately!!! You are in my prayers.

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    Sweetie what I would you to do is tell your parents immediately...this guy is obviously a DOG and he should get away with what he did to you...Your parents would be upset with you at first but they KNOW WHAT'S BEST...and right you do not need a g/f you need to focus on your situation right now..Good Luck!

  • YIKES! Well hun, you can't hide neither one forever. You need to tell your parents asap so you can be treated properly. There are ways your baby can be born without being infected with HIV even if you are, FYI

    God bless you, baby

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  • please go back to school and learn how to spell.

    And tell your parents ASAP!

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