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I need a good poem to perform?

Preferably humorous, or tells a story. must be 4-6 minutes long. or a compilation of 2 or more poems that are of the same subject and up to 4-6 minutes. go!

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    Perform this as a toothless old a gummy style, ie lips over your teeth and tongue darting in andout. You'll bring the house down.

    Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth,

    And spotted the perils beneath,

    All the toffees I chewed,

    And the sweet sticky food,

    Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth.

    I wish I’d been that much more willin‘

    When I had more tooth there than fillin‘

    To pass up gobstoppers,

    From respect to me choppers

    And to buy something else with me shillin‘.

    When I think of the lollies I licked,

    And the liquorice allsorts I picked,

    Sherbet dabs, big and little,

    All that hard peanut brittle,

    My conscience gets horribly pricked.

    My Mother, she told me no end,

    “If you got a tooth, you got a friend”

    I was young then, and careless,

    My toothbrush was hairless,

    I never had much time to spend.

    Oh I showed them the toothpaste all right,

    I flashed it about late at night,

    But up-and-down brushin‘

    And pokin‘ and fussin‘

    Didn’t seem worth the time… I could bite!

    If I’d known I was paving the way,

    To cavities, caps and decay,

    The murder of fiIlin’s

    Injections and drillin’s

    I’d have thrown all me sherbet away.

    So I lay in the old dentist’s chair,

    And I gaze up his nose in despair,

    And his drill it do whine,

    In these molars of mine,

    “Two amalgam,” he’ll say, “for in there.”

    How I laughed at my Mother’s false teeth,

    As they foamed in the waters beneath,

    But now comes the reckonin‘

    It’s me they are beckonin‘

    Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth.

    Pam Ayres

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  • 1 decade ago

    Scratch & Dent Dreams

    Come on in, I’ve got a sale on scratch and dent dreams.

    Whole cases of imperfect ambitions, stuff the idealists couldn’t sell.

    Yeah, I know none of its got price tags, you decide how much its worth.

    And none of its got glossy colored packaging but it all works just fine.

    I’ve got rainy day swing sets good night kisses and stationary stars still flying at the speed of light.

    And over there out back if you dig down through those alabaster stoplights and those old 45’s

    You’ll find a whole crate of second hand hope.

    Yeah right there, that’s no chrome, you just gotta work, polish it up a little bit. Most folks give up too easy - trade it in for some injection mold and here and now. And over there across the freeway, you see that purple awning flappin’ in the breeze? Well that’s Momma Genuine’s shop. She’s older than all of us put together

    But she still laughs like a house. Now, she only sells tools but not like ya know, She’s got saws that put back together, drills that make whole...

    Mommas a cool legend to know, and she sells duct tape too.

    And down there at the end of the block are two kids, crew cut and pig tailed sittin’ Behind a bindle top table selling peanut-butter ice-cream out of a galvanized pale, And there’s no metaphor there its just good ice-cream.

    So here’s whatchya do, take a look around pick out what reminds you of places

    You wanted to be but gave upon going

    And jam it all in this big box called “now”.

    Then go across the street to Momma Genuine’s, ask her how she’s been,

    Show her what I gave ya, she’ll know exactly what you need

    And then go back in the center of that freeway and get to work making it all fit.

    You wont have any directions or factory numbertabs but don’t panic.

    There’s a hundred ways to do it right and none to do it wrong cause your startin’ out with what’s already been given up upon, you cant do any worse.

    Use the tools momma gave ya, hum a little while ya work.

    Then you find yourself sproutin’ extra thumbs!

    Take a break.

    Go around the block, get yourself an ice cream.

    Smile when they hand it to you, tip em if you can

    And when you get back it’s all gonna make sense.

    You’ll see where it’s gonna fit perfect and where the duct tape has to go.

    And when you get finished, take whatever spare parts you got at the bottom of “now”

    And make yourself a little sign that says “tomorrow”, and hang it on your masterpiece.

    Then you go back down the block to where those two kids are packing up their peanut butter enterprise cause somebody told them they’d fail and I want you to hand them tomorrow.

    Make sure they know how important it is.

    After they’ve run off with it all elbows and smiles y’all can come back here,

    We’ll do it all over again. Now im not telling you this to make a profit,

    That’s how so many good ideas go wrong.

    I’m just tired of seeing every day people screaming through these doors

    Convinced they’re gonna hock even their littlest hopes and dreams to fund their 401Ks.

    I’m tired of seeing this whole world bet on going big or giving up.

    Only handing out glory to newspaper headlines and story book endings,

    ‘cause the truth is I think we need those swing sets most on the rainy days.

    I’m happy going to sleep after just a goodnight kiss,

    And I believe that beauty can be as simple as two kids, crewcuts and pig tales, handing me a scoop of peanut butter ice cream that tastes so good, you’d think it was a dream.

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  • Zelda
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    "Marriage" by Gregory Corso ( hysterical! )-would be perfect-the title might be "I should get married"-written in 60s or 70s about man's conflict about getting married. In Norton's Reader-Great Poem.

    "Howl" by Alan Ginsburg

    "Gunslinger" by ?

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