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What IF John Ruiz upsets David Haye, would Ruiz land a fight against either of the Klistchkos?

Both already agreed to fight.

What happens if Ruiz beats Haye, where would Haye go from here? Where would Ruiz go from here? What happens to the heavyweight division?

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    If Ruiz wins, then he garners some forgotten clout. Now, since he is a titlist he will some leverage and they'll probably setup some fancy main event at MSG or in Vegas, Ruiz vs Klitschko. But IMO, GBP will try to squeeze as much money out of Ruiz before they sacrifice him to the Klitschkos. They might even make him fight in PR where his relatives are from.

    With Haye as the loser, well....he is only 29. And even with a grandpa 45+ Holyfield fighting in world title fights, I'm pretty sure Haye would try to prove himself again, he'll fight some decent American heavyweights and pay the right sanctioning fees, talk some more trash and finally in 2011 have a title fight setup....or he could just get a rematch with Ruiz.

    Source(s): GBP is gonna break bank with this fight, esp. since its in Manchester.
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    unless there is a rematch clause in the contract, then the biggest fights out there for ruiz would be the klitschko's.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Then it would be possible a Ruiz vs Valuev III and i think i would commit suicide if that would happen!

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