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r asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

What happens at the end of the book dear john what happens to both of them?

The book dear john

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    at the end of the book johns dad passes away so john sold the house went and drove to Lenoir where Savannah lives sees her when shes feeding her horses and finds out she married and guess who married her? Tim .. John didnt know at first who her husband was .. until john wanted to meet him and she said youve already met him and she told him it was tim John was so upset and pissed off... Savannah invited him over the next day to go see Tim and she took him to the hospital Tim has been sick with Melemona for the past year i believe he couldnt believe it.. after that she invited John back to the house and talked about the past when they were together .. John leaned in to kiss her and she got nervous and spilled her wine all over him and she went to go get change and he went to the bathroom and her door was craked when she was changing and John couldnt stop staring and her.. John though she would closed the door but she didnt she stared into his eyes suddenly Alan walked through and through a fit about how Tim is sick(alan is his brother hes autistic) .. after that it was the day the end of Johns leave ( he had to go back to the army) He went by the hospital to say goodbye to tim without Savannah Tim told John that if he passes away he wants John to marry Savannah also Tim apologized how he took Savannah away from him and he knew that Savannah stil loved John.. after they talked John finally said goodbye and Savnnah was sitting in her car next to his waitiing for him they talked John told her he could never see her again but Savannah wanted to see him and marry him but John said No that was the last time he saw her and she saw him.. John sold all his dads coins for money and gave it to Tims charity for his surgery so he can stay alive Tim stayed alive and now its Savannah and Tim Johns not in the picture anymore:(

    Source(s): i know i wrote alot aha i was bored i just finished the whole book in one day i reccomend u reading it i loved this book but hate tim for wat he did
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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    no person lands up quite happy. Tim is conscious that his spouse will by no ability love him as passionately and thoroughly as she loves yet another. Savannah nonetheless deeply cares for John yet is going to stay something of her years with 'risk-free' love. undesirable john lost all his money from the money. would not land up with love in any form. It replaced into in simple terms complicated.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    so yea she basically sumarised the whole thing but i loved this book i read it in one day as well and i cried for like the last whole 50 pages i was just in tears the whole time i think u should read it even though you know what happens its really good

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