is a pineapple bad if it is white inside?

we found a pineapple that was white inside and we would like to know if it is okay to eat

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    10 years ago
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    It could very possibly be what is called a "Kona Sugarloaf" a type of pineapple in which the fruit is white. They are excellent and usually only found in Hawaii. I would be curious to know where you bought it.

    Here is a google page with all kinds of hits that explain it in different ways:

    Source(s): Retired Executive Chef
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    If it's regular pineapple it's okay too eat but might not taste good, when we get white pineapple /white watermelon it's usually very tough and not sweet at all.

    Source(s): Me - I live in hawaii and serve it at my store (we throw away white ones because lack of sweetness)
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    when pineapple goes bad it turns soft and mushy, like others said there are many kinds of pineapple. coat a slice of that bad boy with brown sugar and a bit of rum and grill it.mmmmmmmmmmm

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    the pineapple could give u a bad disease like i got but im fine now cause i ate a pineapple that's white inside and i had to go to the hospital but again,,,,,,,, im fine now cause it happened like 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    no, if it doesn't smell bad it it good.

    There are many varieties of pineapple that have colors from light yellow to dark golden.

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    maybe its albino :)

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