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Would you support a petition to the Yahoo answers committee to reform the report option?

The reporting option really needs to be adjusted, so that the abuse will stop. It is a form of harassment, a tool for intimidation, a manifestation of unreasonable censorship, and overall makes Yahoo! Answers an unpleasant experience for those of us who are bullied in such a fashion.

My suggestion is that those who wrongfully/maliciously report not only "lose influence" but actually are punished by losing points up to and including account suspension.

So would you support this and/or do you have suggestions of your own?

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    Yahoo Answer does not accept petitions. You can post your suggestions to the Suggestion Forum (link is under the list of categories on the left side of the YA Home page). If you get enough interest there, the staff may respond -- and may even listen to your suggestions. But you may also find that what you are asking has already been suggested -- and considered.

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    Y!A has ALWAYS been community moderated since its inception in 2005. I dont get where people think the system that went into place last September was somehow NEW, because it WAS NOT. How would the asker of this question feel if they knew that actually the people turning in the abuse IN BULK are actually users that are Level 6 and 7 that have grown so weary of the abuse that they take it upon themselves to add a quota of "reports" to their daily quota of answers, questions and votes??? I have been known to report in bulk, but I report the ABUSE, not the abuser. I really dont care who the user name is under the avatar. I am looking at the ABUSE, NOT THE ABUSER. Yahoo isnt going to hire a bunch of people to moderate a FREE forum. The ONLY way you are going to get around this is to CHARGE for Y!A like Google Answers did... but then you will see the site become the ghost town GoogleA did... The kiddies will NEVER NEVER NEVER pay to post their swill... NEVER.

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    yes, absolutely. i seem to have collected a number of stalkers who report every answer i post, no matter how reasonable. some of my answers do violate the TOS, and i do NOT appeal it when those are deleted. but if someone asks, "what is your favorite color", how on earth could anyone justify reporting my answer when i say "blue"?

    and the appeals process is worthless. you've got to file the same appeal 3 times before action is taken. all you get are computer-generated form letters on the first 2 appeals.

    it means i spend half to two thirds of the time i allow myself on Y!A just typing out appeal letters explaining why i feel a certain answer does NOT violate the TOS.

    it's really getting to be a drag, and if i get too frustrated, i'll use it less... which just means yahoo's advertisers won't be getting their message in front of my eyes. you'd think yahoo would care about that, if nothing else.

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    I would support any petition that would make this forum a better place. As with most processes, periodic adjustments are necessary as problems/issues come up. This is definitely one of them.

    Addressing the issue when it's recognized is usually the most efficient method, even if further adjustments are required later.

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    i've never reported, but i'm sure you're right. If they report without a good reason such as it 100% doesn't follow the rules than they should not have such an "influence" on the answers community.

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    yahzmin needs to read what one of the Yahoo "staff" said to us last night in suggestions. They need to read how she thinks it's funny to harass us in R&S and that her power will continue to be abused and she thinks it's funny. She is playing favorites and isn't that against TOS as well?

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    Yes,I certainly would welcome and support any positive reform in Y/A "Reporting" policy..(Personally,I never report anyone)..However in the past,our collective bemoanings of foul play and the indifference of Yahoo Intelligentsia,has fallen on deaf ears...Our internal problems,seem quite inconsequential to the Y/A Brotherhood..

    WHAT??!!...I missed the Raid on the Feline lovers forum..Yeah,well thanks for letting me know!!!...Maybe I'll initiate my own Raid and no one else is invited!!

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    Hmmm. Wouldn't really be any need for this petition if certain YAHOO members (names withheld as per T.O.S.) had not carried out a CATEGORY RAID on the PETS-CAT SECTION and got their hands slapped by YAHOO; would there?

    Of course, you wouldn't have any knowlege of that incident.

    As to the petition; in your case it would fall on deaf ears. REASON - you would have to prove that you are the injured party and, quite frankly, the people at are not that gullible.

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    That sounds fair to me.

    I'd also like to see an option for reporting spam that allows for reporting the spamming ID. Those Nike spams are submitted by ID's established for the sole purpose of repeatedly posting the same spam answer.

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    I stand with Bonsai.

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