Best route to take from Chicago to San Jose travel date 2/15/10?

I'm traveling across the US and will depart on Feb 15th 2010. I want the best possible route that would advoid severe weather conditions without making it to much out of the way. I'm looking for the shortest path from point A to point B. Thanks in advance....

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    1 decade ago
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    There is no way to predict what the weather will be on that route until the morning of Feb 15.

    Contrary to popular opinion the more southerly route >I-55S >I-44W >I-40 to Ash Fork AZ is not necessarily warmer or more snow free then the standard routing of I-80W >SR 101S

    The proof of that is that a couple days ago Flagstaff AZ got hit with a couple of feet of snow.

    Toss a set of chains in your trunk , carry winter survival /safety gear on board and enjoy your trip.

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    Take the Interstate.

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