lip balm that tastes good?!?!?

hey so i have a bf now and were gonna start kissing soon and i want some lip balm that tastes really good....i heard lip gloss is too sticky so any ideas?!?! thanks!! (what do guys like?)

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    candy flavoured

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    hahaha, well i have been told by guys that lip gloss is too sticky so i'd stay away from that. but i like when my lips have a little bit of sheen or shine to them so it's sorta hard. however, i would recommand using Nieva. the two are for different kinds of mositure and then there's one that's Cherry flavored. there's also another one that's called Pearl and that has a little bit of a shine to it. i dunno if it tastes good, because i never purchased it yet. also, the new Blistex Massage thingy. the new blistex with a massage tip that's supposed to smooth away rough spots, yeah that actually smells really good. so does the regular blistex. now there is yet another brand called Softlips and they come in all different flavors. coconut, vanilla, cherry. lots of flavors and the one is even tinted so it makes your lips look frosty pink. it's called cherry and another one which makes them look soft peach. and that's called pearl. and the vanilla's pretty good. and then there's another one that tastes really good, but it's a lip gloss. ]: it's called Alba Botanica in Passion Fruit. uhm, it tastes very tropical and like fruit punch and it's actually very like. juicy if you will, haha. and it's not even too glossy so i think you should try that.

    all of these are avaible at:


    Blistex(massage and reg.)-CVS

    Softlips- RIte Aid and Wal Mart

    Alba Botanica-CVS & Target

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    I know your talking about lip balm that tastes good. But I had some body spray that tastes good that I would spray onto my neck area. And my boyfriend loved that. But any like, candy flavored, chapstick/lipbalm would work fine. Skittles, starbursts, etc. They have tons to chose from at Claires/Icing. There really cheap to.

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    Any starburst flavor by LipSmackers, lol i used that before and it smelled and tasted SOOOOOOO good, and it's not sticky at all.

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    well i know the vaseline kind at any pharmacy is really good......................the docter pepper kind isnt that good though you should really try the vaseline its AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): noter dame pharamacy cvs MY TOUNGE!
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