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What names can you come up with that are close to Jean-Claude? ( french)?

My uncle Jean Claude, passed away and when I have children I want to name one after him but I dont like that his name is french, im just looking for ideas for ex: Jace, Jacen, Lacey.

HIS nickname was J.C

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    Jean is a girls and guys name in French, the english forms are John and Jane, both of which I like. English versions of Claude are Claude (pronounced Clod) and Claudia. I like Claudia Jane for a girl, I think it has a nice ring to it. I don't really like Claude, but John is a very nice name.

    You could always give your children initials that are the same as your uncle. Such as James Christopher, Jackson Cole, John Connor, and for girls, Janelle Catherine, Jacqueline Christine (sorry I know you didn't like the french, but I do =P) Jessica Claire, etc.

    I don't like Jace, Jacen, or Lacey... they just sound too trend and made up.

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    Jocelyn Claude

    Jeena Claya

    Jasmine Casy

    Jiana Claudia

    Jarid Claud

    Jordin Clark

    Clay Jordin

    hope those work

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    Well, one of the baby names I have on my list for a girl is Jacey. You could try that.

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