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How can I avoid my Asthma trigger when its around me all the time?!?

Okay so as pretty much everyone with Asthma knows, ciggerete smoke is one of the worst asthma triggers. My dad quit smoking when i was born, but my mom just recently (sp?) left (about 11 monthes ago) and took us with her and he started again. I see him every other weekend, dropped off on friday picked up on sunday. First his smoking caused me terrible allergies and i was put on many allergy meds and none worked until i was perscribed Allegra (sp?) When he heard that he cut down, and by alot i must say. Then we started going to wet n wild becuase we had passes and being around all the smokers there, he started back up full force again. My mother sister and I went to Virginia to visit her boyfriend and his sons and i developed a nasty cough. It lasted the whole time i was there but i thought it was becuase of the snow and i havent been around snow in a while considering i was born and raised in florida. But when i got back to florida my allergies picked back up (when im in va they dont occur) and so my mom took me to the doctor and he heard wheezing, and diagnosed me with Reactive Asthma. I was put on a 60 dose Fast Acting Ventolin HFA inhaler, and prednisone. (im done with the prednisone now) When i ran out it was a day before going to my dads and mom didnt want me near one of my triggers unprepared, so we went to get a refill and they diagnosed me with full blown asthma by sending in a new prescription for an inhaler. Still a 60 dose because thats what the doctor wants to keep me on. We now have typhoon lagoon, blizzard beach and disney quest passes, i always carry my inhaler just in case and dad smokes all the time when im there. I'm trying to get him an e-ciggerete for his bday coming up because that would be good for both of us. What should I do? I've asked him to try and quit and every time i ask he just adds another ciggerete to the number he smokes a day! First it caused my allergies now i causes my Asthma! What should I do? Does anyone have any suggestions? Please if you've been in any situation like this tell me what you did! Thank you soooooo much! Sorry this was so long!

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  • MuARcK
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    Often asthma is actually a deficiency in proper dietary fatty acids. Google it: "Asthma fatty acids". If you want to fix the problem instead of suppressing the symptoms this may be it.

  • 1 decade ago

    I suggest you print out your question, or retype it, and leave it lying at your dad's house where he will see it and realize what an impact his smoking is having on you. I suspect your dad is smoking from stress and may not be able to quit right now, but he needs to know about how he is hurting you in a way that is not accusing, so it doesn't add to the stress.

    Asthma is a rough thing to have. I have had it for 49 years and am around smokers all day, so I know how you feel. Even if you get your dad an e-cig, stay away from the "smoke" because it is a fine powder, containing goodness knows what, and will probably still trigger the asthma. Good luck!

  • Jr
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I have reactive asthma too. Many things trigger my asthma and it's not related to allergy. I have overly sensitive airways and that is what "reactive" means. For instance, cold air really effects me. If I drink a hot drink and am careful I can avoid wheezing. My airways will be less irritated by the cold air. I also put a scarf kind of over my mouth and that helps when in the snow or cold wind. Another thing which I think is so unbelievable unfair is when I laugh a lot. I start wheezing! It has been explained to me that the increased airflow from laughing irritates my airways. I feel really bad about that one. I realize your dad's smoking is triggering you, but other thingsyou mentioned are too. Like the cold air, getting excited on thrill rides, laughing...all of it. Use your medicine before you need it. Talk w/your dad about not smoking around you. You are not asking him to quit, just to be conscious of your presence. If it's really bad for you, and he won't help out, then don't go see him. You don't seem to have any other choice.

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