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IRS Outsourcing to INDIA! Do You Realize how dangerouse this is?

I posted this questions awhile ago but thought i would reword it some. I was surprised i only got 3 answers!!

Yes - our Govt is outsourcing jobs that Americans could do! Just goes to show you how much they DON'T care! This is dangerous for all of us...please read the link. Also google "IRS outsourcing to India" and you'll get alot more information. What's your thoughts??? I'm pissed!


To pfo & Farid: I understand "why" companies outsourse - MONEY. The company i work for does it too. But i'm talking about the IRS which has ALL our personal information. Just like the link tells you...these people are going to have all this info on us that many people use to steal others identities. This type of outsourcing is dangerous for us and our security...big difference than what you're talking about.

Update 2:

Phillip - i thought the same thing! I'd love to be able to tell them i'm not filing until i know for sure my information is staying here in the US. Wonder how far i'd get with THAT! Lol!

Update 3:

Damsel...i hope your right!

Update 4:

LoinPPP - NO you're wrong. You're just CHEAPER! Cheaper isn't always better!

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    Let's see.............................Obama provided an $800,000.00 grant to China, to research and develop a "Wind Turbine", that will create about 300 jobs for China and 6 for the U.S. (Management).............

    He signed an Executive Order in COMPLETE secrecy, providing INTERPOL immunities and rights against Freedom of Information by the public.................................$ 9 MILLION to the Palestinians for "aid", which if course, NO one knows what they do with that money ( weapons )..

    U.S. Rights to Court trial for "people" who tried and WANT to kill Americans.........................

    Now, jobs to India to follow the thousands we have already lost in the IT field.

    Even though it's called a "trial" period, you almost KNOW these jobs will remain there. Kind of like Obama now talking about putting a "freeze" on Federal Agencies..............AFTER they received from 3% - 10% salary raise, last year.

    Anything wrong with this picture ?

  • 4 years ago

    The IRS considered outsourcing the toll free lines and some of the debt collection activities to companies outside the government (but never India). The trials didn't work and the projects were shut down.

  • 10 years ago

    That is about as scary as you can get... I don't mind too much companies that outsource but our government should not. Some things such as tax information should be kept here. I would like to see the end of the IRS, perhaps this may be the first steps.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Identity theft will Skyrocket. Talk about all your information in one basket.

    Even without the out of country outsourcing of needed jobs.


    Total idiocy. Tiny Tim's idea?

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  • Pfo
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    10 years ago

    A lot of people aren't happy with jobs going overseas, and they want something done about it, but what those people don't do is stop and ask why it is happening. Ask yourself that question, and then research and find an answer, and then tell us what should be done.

    Writing to congress is a means to an end, what will they do? It's what will be done that matters. We only have two choices: protectionist policies that set off a trade war, we pay more for our goods and services because it's produced by higher cost American labor. Or we lower our standards and have our workers compete with foreign ones.

    Their is no other magic solution. Companies will not volunarily pay a higher cost for labor just as you wouldn't voluntarily pay a higher cost for goods and services.

  • 10 years ago

    wake up!

    that the price for the "free market trade" we preached around the world and now that the asians have learned to play along with us we are crying!?!

    we stop outsourcing then what?

    firms in india and china will further have access to cheap labour and on the long run will overtake our companies.

    our companies will some day go bankrupt as they cant compete with asia price wise.

    now dont tell me that you and everyone you know buy only "made in USA". just look around you...

  • 10 years ago

    Lets evaluate this.

    You are going to provide your name, SS number, address, income etc. to some stranger in India?


    And who's idea was This?

    Is there a way to opt out of filing an income tax statement?

  • 10 years ago

    That scares me because they have a better chance of getting our taxes right than we do. Can I place an order for chicken tikka marsala while they put me on hold?

    No seriously, this is bad. Really bad. Thanks 4 sharing, depressing tho the news is.

  • 10 years ago

    Just another reason we should end the IRS's reign of tyranny over anybody the political class doesn't like.

  • 10 years ago

    Madam peace!!!!!! i think ur ability is not good enough to match indians that's why jobs are coming to india

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