Why is it taking so long for IRS to refund our money?

Why is it I did my taxes through Tax Act, on 1/17/10, got acknowledgment on 1/18/10 that was accepted by IRS. Just today finally I seen on Where's my Refund? that would receive on Feb. 9. That is not 8-15 days for direct deposit. Are they having issues, cause they are playing with hard working people's money. Don't tell me 8-15 days and be much longer. Is anyone else having these issues?


Guess should wait till the 29th then, the bank that will be handling the refund still says the expectation of the 29th. But the irs website says different, afraid if call irs, and they get rude with me, I will be rude back.

Update 2:

I even checked with the treasury dept, like someone suggested to see if I have an off set, and I do not. I see alot of people say we are overreacting, they must be the ones without money problems. Because by the grace of god some were not affected by the economy that much, but most were so keep your overreacting comments to yourself. Some have families and need this money for bills, not just a new car or get that fancy purse.

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    Same here. I e-filed on the 15th, accepted on 17th finally had an update this morning stating I should have my refund by DD by February 9th.

    You aren't alone, however I've had a couple people tell me they called the IRS (talked to a human) and got the schedule date of the 29th.

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    I'm starting to wonder if those of you in this boat had your returns put in the error department like mine, but because they went in sooner, came out sooner...and that's why you have a February 9th date.

    I filed on the 20th and it's still in error recovery and has been since the 20th.

    Now, you may want to call the IRS, cause I have been seeing some answerers say that their WMR shows the 9th, but then when they call the IRS, have been told the IRS shows a DD of the 29th.

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    i got an update today too for the 9th, which i have no idea if thats the facts since they are haveing issues this year. All I can hope for is that its there friday the 29th

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    I filed last night..It was accepted this morning..I thought it was 10 days for tax act..I guess not..I think it's the IRS though not tax act

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    That sounds like 15 business days to me.

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    hey at least you got a response on WMR. I filled with Taxact also and was accepted on the 17th by the irs and the wmr still doesn't have any information for me....it says it is still processing....I'm about to scream!!!!!!!!

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