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In America, is it rude to ask where the "toilets" are?

When me and my sister were in America a few months ago, we were in a shopping centre and we were looking for the toilets. So we asked some guy who worked there and he gave us a funny look and asked if we meant the restrooms. I was wondering if it is considered rude to ask where the toilets are.

(In Australia it's not rude?)

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    Using the word "toilet" in public in America is considered a little bit crude. Most of us do not know the word "loo" or "WC"; the favored terms are restroom and bathroom.

    I had the exact opposite experience in the British Museum in London. I ask for the restroom, and got blasted, loudly, with, "It is called a toilet, you hear me? Toilet". And that was by a guard on duty there. A bad experience.

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    Toilets In America

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    it's not really rude but it's more polite to ask where the restrooms are at or bathrooms. He might have not even worked there and that's why he was surprised. I worked retail for a year and i had people ask me where the toilets where but it never bother me.

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    i think of you may word it so as that it sounds greater well mannered. inspite of each thing, this is not any longer your objective to be impolite, is it? i think of you're finding for a thank you to get an analogous outcomes, devoid of being impolite, real? There are a pair of issues you may say in distinctive scenarious that would come throughout the time of greater suitable to others: A) "will we communicate approximately this at lunch? i've got have been given to end this challenge and that i'm swamped with different stuff." B) I try this one quite often. I artwork at a working laptop or computing device, and if somebody comes over to me and talks non-end mutually as i'm busy, I proceed typing and dealing, and that i now and back nod or make some noise to envision i'm a million/2 listening. This conveys the element that i'm busy, and that they do no longer stick around long. C) on your boss: you may destroy into his tale with a artwork-correct question, and while he solutions it, thank him and take action on it, or a minimum of ACT such as you're approximately to achieve this on it.

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    He only gave you a funny look because in the USA, toliets are more commonly refered to as bathrooms or restrooms. I know they are refered to as toliets in other countries.

    The first time I traveled to another country and saw toliets instead of bathrooms, I was confused too but I knew what they were.

    I'm sure someone in another country would give me a weird look too if I asked where the bathrooms were instead of the toilets.

    Don't worry too much about it.

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    It's not rude exactly. Some people think its low class to phrase it that way but really it's not a huge deal. Generally Americans refer to it as the "restroom" or more informally the "bathroom'

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    No it isn't rude, it's just not what we refer to. Pretty much answered your own question with the "asked if we meant restrooms." If you had asked where are the restrooms, he wouldn't have given you that look.

    Ignore Brittany A

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    Thats a great question.... It is not rude, it's just too direct.

    North Americans don't seem to like that word when referring to the potty, the loo, the ladies room or the mens room, the john or the can.

    Wash room is the word that seems to be favored, or rest room or bath room, nothing that implies a number 1 or a number 2.

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    Well in America we do tend to say restrooms as adults and toilet and potty as kids. We just find it sounds more polite I suppose. Hope you had a fun time in the USA :)

    Source(s): I'm an American
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    It's more common to say the restroom, but I'd think if anyone told me that, I'd be sure they meant the bathroom or restroom, w/e

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